Batteries are an indispensable part of industrial generators and some current means of transport such as motorbikes, trucks, electric cars,…But for them to always work well, durable and towing. For long life, we need to equip a smart battery charger to support the battery in time.

To know which is the best  24V / 12v smart battery charger brand?  Please find out with TTTT, to see the analysis below to help you solve the most satisfactory answer about the battery charger.


Máy sạc ắc quy

The smart battery charger 24V or 12V is a device used to charge the battery when it runs out of power, so that the battery can be reused many times before being replaced. The battery can be used for many different applications such as automobiles, generators, etc., so using a charger to increase the number of times the battery is used will help users save a lot of costs and contribute to reductions. impact on the environment.


Battery charge and discharge current

Each smart battery charger TTTT has its own charging current, if overcharged, it will cause damage as well as more dangerous than causing battery explosion. Therefore, choosing a battery charger with a charging current that matches the battery will help charge faster and safer.

Components of the battery charger

Components inside the charger are very important because the current it has to handle is very large. Then you should choose models made from high-end components.

Features of the charger

In addition to the battery charging feature, some chargers may also have an automatic shutdown function when fully charged. Another very important feature for battery charging is the sulphate reduction feature to help the battery last significantly longer.

Which brand battery charger should I buy?

Depending on the brand, the products have different properties and the warranty is also different. So you should choose for yourself the best 12V or 24V battery charger avoid buying fake and poor quality products.

MECC ALTE, 24V / 12 volt generator battery charger

Mecc Alte’s 24 Volt / 12 Volt automatic battery charger  are made in the UK, meeting the best standards in the world thanks to the application of advanced technology in testing and manufacturing, this is one of the outstanding products of Mecc Alte with fast charging speed, intelligent charging process, helps increase performance and prolongs the life of the charger and battery. In terms of value, the Mecc Alte charger ensures an affordable price compared to the market of other brand chargers.


The APOLLO battery charger has always won the hearts of consumers by its sales service as well as the quality of its products. The company always knows how to satisfy consumers with multifunctional products at low prices.


FOXSUR battery charger manufacturer can be said to have the most outstanding battery charging products on the market today. FOXSUR products have many advanced features but are reasonably priced, making it easier for people to access the product.


LIOA electronics company always brings products suitable for the Vietnamese market. The LIOA brand has had great success in covering high-quality electronic products, especially battery chargers. LIOA’s battery charger models are always trusted by consumers because of their friendly trust and dedicated customer care.


ROBOT’s products are quite expensive compared to the common ground, but the quality it brings is really worth it and completely satisfies any fastidious customer. The warranty of ROBOT products is very good to help you remove the worry about product warranty and maintenance issues.

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Many customers are wondering what is the best brand of 12 Volt / 24 Volt automatic battery charger, the most guaranteed price. Here are 4 types of battery chargers customers need to refer to to buy and use.


Battery Charger Mecc Alte

Mecc Alte has a total of 4 models for the battery charger version: Ucharge (12V,24V,3A,6A), SCharge (12V,24V,10A,5A), Icharge (24V,10A) and SmartCharge (24V, 20A) ), all of which are available in Vietnam by the Official Authorized Representative Mecc Alte dealer, TTTT Global Co., Ltd.


  • Fast charging speed, time saving and long life
  • High durability European standard
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to use
  • Easily monitor voltage and related parameters


  • Not found yet

LIOA BC-1815

The LIOA BC battery charger product line has been very famous in our country market. Almost every home owns a LIOA electronic device. So the synchronization between devices is very high, BC 1815 helps to charge the battery quickly and is extremely safe to use.

– Advantages:

  • Using high-grade components to manufacture chargers
  • High durability, long service life
  • Metal chassis
  • Easily monitor voltage while charging
  • Easy to use

– Defect:

  • No anti-reverse feature
  • No auto-off feature when fully charged
  • No sulphate reduction feature
  • Heavy weight


With extremely durable components, the ROBOT RB15A battery charger helps to charge the battery quickly, simply and safely. GB15A product line with easy-to-use modes helps newcomers to battery chargers also quickly use it.

– Advantages

  • Manufactured from high quality components
  • Durable metal frame and case
  • Common to use, easy and intuitive controls
  • Can charge 24V . battery
  • Easy to track parameters through mechanical watches

– Defect:

  • Heavy weight
  • No anti-reverse feature
  • No auto-off feature when fully charged
  • No sulphate reduction feature


FOXSUR’s charger is cheap but the quality is absolutely good and worth using, the product can easily charge 12V, 100Ah batteries and has a lot of advanced features. This is a highly competitive product line that helps FOXSUR to be in the top of the best charger brand in Vietnam today.

– Advantages:

  • With LCD screen, electronic parameters make it easy to monitor the charging speed and percentage of electricity in the tank.
  • Easily charge 12V battery from 4 – 10Ah
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Has the function of reducing sulphate
  • Auto-off mode when fully charged

– Defect:

  • Heats up the charger.
  • Counterfeit and poor quality products are rampant.


The TPS battery charger series helps to charge and protect your battery in the most comprehensive way. The model still uses the traditional design but has a high-end electronic monitoring board, giving customers an overview of the operation of the charger and battery.

– Advantages:

  • Enduring
  • Easy to use
  • Electronic monitoring screen helps users to use
  • Automatically stops charging when the battery is full

– Defect:

  • Heavy weight
  • No sulphate reduction function

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