Currently, in the industrial equipment market in general and in the generator industry in particular, there are many poor quality and copy products at very cheap prices, which affects the brand’s name and especially degrade the customer experience. Therefore, today TTTT would like to offer an overall comparison between the two best quality generator control panel price in the world. The comparison table is based on core factors such as generator controller price, quality, warranty, origin, interface, function, brand… for customers to choose the right product to fit your needs and budget.


SICES generator controller made in ITALY, manufactured according to EU advanced technology and quality standards. SICES can provide all the best features in the field of controlling your equipment perfectly: From generators, marine engines, including fire pumps, etc. Customers using SICES will have some advantages such as: generator controller price and 5 years warranty period.

Below is retail Sices generator control panel price TTTT in 2021. If you need dealer price and distributing policies, please contact us. 


SICES generator controller price list is always available – Note that the price does not include VAT. Note that the price does not include VAT and delivered Exw Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Sices Model



✅ Sices ATS115✅ ATS controller price (made in Italy)344
✅ Sices ATS115 Plus✅ Ethernet + USB + RS232 + RS485 (made in Italy)366
✅ Sices GC250 ✅ amf panel price (made in Italy)178
✅ Sices GC315✅ amf panel for dg set price (made in Italy)282
Sices GC315 Plus✅ Ethernet + USB + RS232 + RS485 (made in Italy)334
✅ Sices GC315 Link✅ GPS + 5G (made in Italy)516
✅ Sices GC400 ✅ Synchronization, USB (made in Italy)1.000
✅ Sices GC400 Mains✅ Ethernet + USB + RS232 + RS485 (made in Italy)1.000
✅ Sices GC600 Synchronization, USB (made in Italy1.700
✅ Sices GC600 Mains✅ Ethernet + USB + RS232 + RS485 (made in Italy)1.700
Sices DST4602 Evolution✅ Ethernet + USB + RS232 + RS485 (made in Italy)2.781
✅ Sices DST4400✅ Sices already stoped producing, suggest using GC315 to replace with similar functions.x

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DEEP SEA PLC (made in UK) is one of the most famous brands in the world in the field of research and production of application controllers for the industry, bearing European standards and quality. Deepsea controller models are always available in Vietnam by TTTT.

Below is retail Deep Sea controller price list in 2022. If you need dealer price and distributing policies, please contact us. 

Bìa kiểm tra Deepsea

The price list of DEEP SEA generator controller is always available – Note that the price does not include VAT and delivered Exw Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.




DSE Deep Sea 4520 price MKIIMade in UK150
DSE Deep Sea 6020 price MKIIMade in UK240
DSE Deep Sea 6120 price MKIIIMade in UK230
DSE Deep Sea 7320 price MKIIMade in UK320
DSE Deep Sea 8610 price MKIIMade in UK1100



About quality, brand and origin 

With a history of more than 40 years and both brands are of European origin, researched and manufactured based on advanced technologies and the best European standards. While DEEPSEA is from the UK, SICES is the only Italian representative to produce in this area. So when using generator controllers of these two brands, we can rest assured.

About Sices and Deep Sea controller price

Compared with the same features, applications and interfaces, SICES generator control panel price is significantly lower than DEEPSEA Deep Sea controller price for the value of a controller. A few price comparison examples below will give you the best overview of prices:

For single generator controller, DEEPSEA’s most popular series is model DSE 7320 MKII, while for SICES is GC315/GC315 Plus, SICES is about 10-17% cheaper. 

DSE 8610 MKII this is a popular line of DEEPSEA used to perform generator synchronization function, while in SICES  GC400 / GC400 Mains, SICES generator control panel price is about 17% cheaper than DSE8610 price.

About warranty and reliability

In terms of warranty, SICES is completely superior to DEEPSEA, SICES’s warranty period is 3 years, ensuring customers can have the most peace of mind when using and this also proves, SICES is confident that its products is timeless, while DEEPSEA is only 12 months.

In terms of reliability, SICES has the only factory located in Italy and has a system of Official Authorized Representatives worldwide, in Vietnam it is TTTT, so when using SICES provided from TTTT, customers Item is 100% guaranteed to be genuine. DEEPSEA is not like that, DEEPSEA has Copy goods, poor quality with much cheaper price.

In terms of popularity, user-friendly interface and functions

In terms of popularity

Currently, in terms of popularity in the market, DEEPSEA is the brand that is almost ubiquitous and most used by customers of all generator controller brands. DEEPSEA’s strength is not only in terms of quality and brand, but also extremely good marketing team, contributing to brand coverage to the world.

If the customer wants to use a high quality and popular controller, DEEPSEA is the best choice. Products are almost fully understood by technicians in Vietnam and Cambodia, so they can support customers in a timely manner.

In terms of controller interface and function

SICES generator controller is not as popular as DEEPSEA, this brand is most popular only in European countries because of its quality, interface and almost complete functionality built-in. This controller makes SICES convenient to use and easy to choose the right model when needed. Therefore, if customers care about product interface and functions, SICES is a preferred choice.

Regarding the SICES interface, it has an eye-catching, sturdy, easy-to-see and easy-to-operate interface, in addition, the integrated color screen makes it easy for customers to distinguish and perform operations related to technical issues for customers. Connecting devices, SICES’s design is intended to help customers avoid mistakes or wrong manipulations when using.

In terms of functions, SICES is programmed to carry many functions on the controller and these functions have been completed, which explains why SICES has less division of product models like DEEPSEA, making it easy for customers to choose, You don’t have to waste time and think about choosing the right model for your needs.


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