Generators are composed of 3 main components: Engine, Alternators, and Generator Controller. All three of these components play an indispensable role in one of the three. The engine accounts for about 70% of the finished product value of the generator, the Dinamo accounts for about 27% of the value, and the controller accounts for about 3%. Today, let’s learn about low rpm alternator, this is a type of generator widely used in the production of generators with large capacity because of its stability and high efficiency.


Structure of low and high output low rpm alternator

For low output low rpm alternator is usually mentioned about lower than 100kva alternator with rpm is lower than 1800rpm for 60Hz and 1500rpm for 50Hz. This type of alternator is used for small diesel generator with a very basic diesel engine. 

For high output low rpm alternator is usually mentioned about higher than 1000kva alternator with rpm is lower than 900rpm for both 50hz and 60Hz. This type of alternator used with very special engine type with the same rpm and engine fuel is usually DO diesel fuel.

The low rpm alternator TTTT has the function of generating electromagnetic energy from the raw material supplied to the machine. The alternator is composed of two main parts: Stator and Rotor. These 2 small parts work in harmony with each other to create motion between electromagnetic and electrical.

  • Stator – armature: consists of coils of the same shape and size, the number of turns is also the same.
  • Roto – inductor: consists of an electromagnet (powered by 1-way oscillations) rotating around a fixed axis. The job of the rotor is to generate a variable magnetic field.

In addition, several components in the low rpm alternator also play an important role, which are:

  • Generator diode has the following functions: Rectify alternating current, isolating elements, diverting current between elements in a circuit.
  • Automatic voltage regulation: Helps stabilize voltage and power supply, ensuring generator operation is always maintained at optimal productivity. In addition, they also help protect the generator.

Operating principle of low rpm alternator


The main principle: Based on electromagnetic induction, the operation of the low rpm alternator is specifically as follows:

  • When the magnet starts to rotate in the coil, a voltage is immediately generated between the two coils. At the same time, this voltage also generates an alternating current.
  • There is a very close relationship between the current in the coil generated by the magnet and the position of the magnets.
  • The maximum current is generated from the N (North) and S (South) poles of the magnet closest to the coil. However, the direction of the current at half a turn and the coil of the magnet is opposite.

Notice when using the alternator

  • Regular cleaning is required before and after the operation.
  • Prepare fire prevention equipment to prevent unexpected incidents.

Check the alternator before operation

  • Check-in operation
  • Check the alternator tube for physical impact or in a state of external damage.
  • Check voltage and frequency (based on generator controller).
  • Check the connection between the parts and the noise level when operating.

Reference: Mecc Alte generator manual

Reference: Wind turbine alternator

Strengths of the Mecc Alte low rpm alternator

  • Mecc Atle low rpm alternator can continuously load 24/24 if the load is at continuous capacity, load 8-10 hours if the load is at the published rated capacity, and load 110% of the capacity in 1 hour, each load is 8 hours apart. And especially, the Mecc Alte generator can load with a capacity exceeding 300% within 20 seconds and load 150% within 2 minutes. This assists customers in choosing the right capacity for their needs.
  • Delivery time of generator: T.g delivery (Origin in Italy) – within 2-3 weeks, faster than Stamford, Leroy, and Marrelli.
  • Total linear/non-linear harmonic distortion at no load: 3.1%/3%
  • Total linear/non-linear harmonic distortion full load: 2.8%/2.6%
  • Short circuit ratio: 0.5
  • Mecc Alte Avr: Digital AVR type: DER1, DSR.
  • The low rpm alternator is protected by Gray standard: The internal structure and stator are covered with Varnish EG43 – the high standard and suitable for all sea salt environments.
  • Airflow: 1.5m3/s
  • Warranty is protected and has a certificate of authorization to participate in the project by the Representative of Mecc Alte alternator in Vietnam.

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