Currently, on the market of industrial control equipment in general and the automatic transfer switch controller electrical cabinet manufacturing industry in particular. There exist a lot of genuine products and poor quality copy products with much cheaper automatic transfer switch controller price than genuine ones. This affects the product brand and product quality when put into use.


Therefore, TTTT Global would like to offer an overall comparison between the two world’s top quality ATS controller. The comparison table is based on core factors such as quality, price, warranty, origin, interface, function, brand, etc., so that customers can choose the right product for their needs and budget. of the user object.

Purpose of ATS115 (Plus) and DSE33* (DSE331, 335) automatic transfer  switch controller comparison table

About automatic transfer controller price comparison

ATS_Controller_PricePrice (USD)
Sices ATS115344
Deepsea DSE331376
Sices ATS115 Plus366
Deepsea DSE 335399
The above price is just a reference price, please contact us.for dealer price

If compared to the automatic transfer switch controller price TTTT of the functions of the two controllers ATS115 and DSE331, the DSE331 is cheaper than the ATS115, but the price of the ATS115 is higher, and its functions and applications are also higher than that of the DSE331. So when calculating the price, ATS115 also has a lot more advantages than DSE331 in automatic transfer controller.

As for the value of the functions of the two controllers ATS115 Plus and DSE335, the ATS115 is significantly cheaper than the DSE335, corresponding to the application value of the power transfer controller. The SICES ATS115 controller is 20-30% cheaper than DSE335, but in terms of features and applications, it is also somewhat better.

About quality, brand and origin of Sices and Deepsea

With a history of more than 40 years and both brands are of European origin, researched and manufactured based on the most advanced current technologies and the best European standards. In which DEEPSEA comes from the UK, SICES is the only Italian representative in the controller manufacturing market. So when using the ATS switch controller of these two brands, we can be assured of their quality.

About warranty and reliability of Sices and Deepsea

In terms of warranty, Sices controller is completely superior to Deep Sea generator controller, SICES’s warranty period is up to 5 years, ensuring customers can feel secure when buying and using, proving this brand is very confident and durable. of its products, in this respect DEEPSEA only warrants for 12 months which is considerably less.

In terms of reliability, SICES is the only controller factory in Italy and has a system of Official Authorized Representatives worldwide, of which in Vietnam is TTTT Global. When you buy and use products of Italian brands provided from TTTT Global, you are guaranteed 100% of the products are genuine. DEEPSEA is not so good because this brand in the market has copies, although the price is very cheap, the quality is very poor and there is no genuine warranty.

In terms of popularity and user-friendly functionality of Sices and Deepsea

In terms of popularity of Sices and Deep Sea controller

Currently, in terms of controllers, the most popular in the market is Deep Sea controller, which is present in almost all the markets and is used by customers most of all brands of ATS power transfer controllers. This European brand shows its strength not only in terms of quality but also in brand name and extremely good marketing team that helps them to spread around the world.

As for SICES, because it does not promote marketing, it is not widely used around the world, but in terms of quality and reliability, it is not inferior to DEEPSEA in the controller market.

In terms of controller interface and function of Sices and Deepsea

ATS SICES power transfer controller is a popular brand in Europe because of its quality and friendly interface, close to the user but still full of all functions and benefits when using. So if customers care about product interface and function, then ATS115 (Plus) is the first choice of automatic transfer switch for generator

Technically of Sices ATS115 (Plus) and Deepsea (DSE331, DSE335)

Technically, both controllers have many similarities:

Both provide manual and 3 phase automatic transfer switch, which can monitor parameters of voltage, current, phase difference, capacity, power factor, etc.

Especially the protection of current, voltage, capacity, power factor, special switching in ATS automatic transfer controller.

But there are also highlights of each type of adapter below:

ATS115 vs DSE331

Ministry of ATS ATS115: High frequency, voltage, current and power accuracy (±0.5%), more layer display and more control knobs, high DC converter (12bit, 10kHz) ), has 3 more analog inputs, somewhat better protection (voltage unbalance, 50N current protection, 64), has 3 schedules for notes, has 4 common timers, generates more I/ Virtual O (16 digital and 8 analog).

Ministry of ATS DSE331: Lighter weight (360g), better working temperature (-30oC to 70oC), wider input voltage range (8 to 35 VDC), less energy consumption.

ATS115 Plus vs DSE335

Ministry of ATS ATS115 Plus: Lighter weight (620g), high frequency, voltage, current and power accuracy (±0.5%), high DC converter (12bit, 10kHz), has add 3 analog inputs, somewhat better protection (voltage unbalance, 50N current protection, 64), have 3 calendars for notes, have 4 common timers, generate more virtual I/O ( 16 digital and 8 analog), with monitoring functions (DHCP, DNS, SNMP, Modbus TCP).

Ministry of ATS DSE335: Has better working temperature (-30oC to 70oC), wider input voltage range (8 to 35 VDC), less power consumption, more digital output (6), can Expandable I/O port, with synchronization check function, log up to 250 copies, Modbus board configurable.

Summary of Sices ATS115 (Plus) and DSE331, 335

The power adapter Sices ATS115 (Plus) and Deepsea (DSE331, 335) have all the necessary and sufficient conditions to meet the needs of customers in the field of ATS power transfer controllers, from origin, brand, and easy application. Easy, reasonable price and suitable warranty period. The comparison of TTTT Global provides customers with an intuitive view of the advantages and benefits when choosing to use SICES or DEEPSEA depending on their needs. But according to visual assessment, in terms of features, applications, prices and modes of SICES ATS115 (Plus) better than DEEPSEA (DSE331, DSE335), so if you want the ATS power transfer controller to have features With good features, prices and modes, go to TTTT Global to own the ATS115 (Plus) controller right away.

Each brand has many unique strengths and many elements that make up its own characteristics, so customers need to consider when choosing the product that best suits their intended use.

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