During the generator operation and use of the power grid, it is inevitable that incidents on the grid power lines will affect and damage people and property. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the loss of people and property. Possible faults on the mains power line can be: Power failure, phase failure, phase difference, high voltage, low voltage,….. generator auto transfer switch is solution for above problems.

Structure and function of automatic transfer switch

Tủ điện ATS115

Automatic transfer switch function

Today, the demand for electricity, electrical appliances are increasingly widely used in all areas of life. The ability to automate day-to-day processes is a top priority. In some industrial or civil fields, the demand for power supply needs to be ensured throughout the operation of the process. It ensures that the production process is continuously yielding the quality of the product. Especially, it brings safety for human life and safety of electricity consuming equipment. Therefore, automatic transfer switch can solve the above problem, it is an important link in the power supply system for load households.

Automatic transfer switch structure

Automatic transfer switch TTTT is a device used to transfer power from mains to backup source (generator, battery, ..) and vice versa. Used in cases where the mains power supply has a problem or you want to change to a generator source.

Automatic transfer switch structure includes: aptomat, contactor, relay, sensor, ATS controller, measuring device, power switch circuit, PLC setup,…

Operating principle of automatic transfer switch for generator

When the mains power is lost and the ATS controller is running in automatic switching mode, the switchboard will switch to the backup power source to continue normal operation of the loads in the event of a power outage. When the mains power comes back, the electrical cabinet will automatically switch from the backup source to the mains to use the mains.

When in manual mode we can switch the sources with each other using the Sices ATS115 controller suitable for the user and the load used.

Tủ AST115 theo A

Benefits of using automatic transfer switch for generator

Automatic transfer switch for generator help protect generator from unpredicted problem . When cutting the generator breaker and closing the grid breaker will cause a time delay. Having an ATS cabinet will ensure that this delay is as short as possible.

Check the power grid, generator source to ensure the parameters when on / off to make the load work more stable and protect the load.

When incidents occur: The mains power is completely lost, the phase is lost, the voltage is high or lower than the allowable value. Then the ATS switchboard will start to handle these problems and warn on the system.

To ensure that the voltage is stable, the time to change to another source can be adjusted. Best to ensure stability this time should be over 5s.

The controller automatically switches back to mains when mains power is restored and the generator power is cooled for a period of time, then turns off the generator.

Generator auto transfer switch has the ability to operate automatically or can be operated manually.

Display and allow to adjust the parameters on the system.

Reference: Generator control panel diagram

Reference: Generator synchronization

Generator automatic transfer switch wiring diagram

Generator auto transfer switch runs on the principle of switching when power is lost thanks to a circuit converter and the MCBs, contactors, PLCs set up, a dedicated ATS power switch, the operating principle of the ATS switchboard is divided into two parts. The two below diagrams are the dynamic circuit diagram and the control circuit as manual transfer switches for generators

Motivational circuit of 3 phase automatic transfer switch 

Circuit diagram of 3 phase automatic transfer switch using mains as main source and backup source as generator, with system controller, system on/off Aptomat, system sensor, on/off circuit breaker , warning lights and other ancillary devices on the ATS switchboard system.

Mạch động lực ATS

Control circuit of generator automatic transfer switch wiring diagram

The control circuit of generator automatic transfer switch wiring diagram as the main source and the backup source as the generator’s source, the system consists of many switches that are logically connected to each other controlled by coils. words and timers to turn on/off according to system requirements. The system is adjusted for two modes, manual and automatic, for the convenience of the user.

Mạch điều khiển ATS

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