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TTTT Global Co., Ltd. has been published on domestic newspapers with the main content referring to Volvo Penta engines, Mecc Alte generators, Sices Controllers and Deepsea controllers. Affirm the quality and reliability of your company to customers. Newspapers that have talked about TTTT Global include: New Hanoi Newspaper, Quang Nam Newspaper, Da Nang Newspaper, Dong Khoi Newspaper.

New Hanoi Newspaper – Volvo Penta diesel engine – choose quality or cheap engine?

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Volvo Penta diesel engine – choose quality or cheap engine?

Currently, industrial equipment using diesel engines is developing strongly in both form and technology applied in the production process. In order to achieve stable and durable quality during loading, minimize fuel consumption and be safe for the environment, manufacturers have been racing to update technology to update the most quintessential things when producing. diesel engine. One of the top quality brands in the world today is the Swedish Volvo Penta engine with more than 100 years of experience. Some typical applications and leading technology include: Engine assembly for generators, construction equipment such as fire pumps, excavators, excavators, bulldozers, ships, motor vehicles…

Quang Nam Newspaper – The solution to buy cheap generators Made in Italy, 3kW and 5kW

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The solution to buy cheap generators Made in Italy, 3kW and 5kW

The electricity generation market has experienced many fluctuations in recent years due to many objective factors such as epidemics, politics, supply of production materials, etc. These fluctuations appear to be spread across the country. small segment lines used for household applications, small business households, typical agricultural production such as 3kW generators and 5kW generators… to large segments for industrial applications… Post below Here, we will analyze in depth about the brand of small capacity generators Mecc Alte, made in Italy.

Da Nang Newspaper – The most popular and quality generator controller in Vietnam

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The most popular and quality generator controller in Vietnam

The generator controller is an integral part of the generator set, it is the means of connection between the generator head and the diesel engine, with the functions of fault display, fault warning and protection levels. power generation, have affirmed their importance. Currently, on the market, there are many brands of quality and stable generator controllers, the following article will provide you with more details about the above brands.

Dong Khoi Newspaper – Top 3 best generators in the world

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Top 3 best generators in the world

The market of generator heads (generator bulbs) in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular is having the presence of brands with outstanding quality and brands. These brands often have hundreds of years of research and development. In order to evaluate what is the best “generator” for users, it must be considered based on many factors such as: History of formation, price, origin, performance, stability in use in many environments , durability and has a representative in Vietnam to be responsible for providing warranty, spare parts, repair, technical advice, providing maintenance services, maintaining generators… The following article will analyze the above issues in more detail.

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