Volvo Penta engine introduction

Volvo Penta is the world top quality engine. With over 100 years of research and develop, Volvo Penta have been building up very strong and wide distributing and aftersales service network system. Diesel engine for generator is one of the main product of Volvo group. Other than that, Volvo Penta is very famous in diesel marine engine and construction equipment.

Volvo Penta engine is the heart of all products in Volvo group such as Volvo truck, Volvo port equipment, Volvo mining equipment, Volvo bus, Volvo forest machineries, Volvo agricultural machineries… Therefore, Volvo Penta is the key business in Volvo group in Sweden.

TTTT Global is one of Volvo Penta officially authorized distributor in ASIA market. our relationship with Volvo Penta engine TTTT have been over 10years trust building. TTTT is representative of Volvo in Vietnam to supply Volvo Penta engines for sale and after sale service of our customers. Our missing is bringing the world top quality engine and the world top professional service to customers.

Advantages of Volvo Penta generator Engines for Sale by TTTT

Volvo Penta dealer with quick and professional support

– There is an official representative of Volvo Penta dealer in Vietnam to be in charge of after-sales service for the engine to make sure our customers’ business will stop, when generator has problem. We also have sale and service team in Cambodia to supply our service of Volvo Penta Cambodia.

Fast delivery and cost saving for Volvo Penta generator factories

– Fast delivery time: Within 2 week usually. We always have stock full range of engine to deliver to Volvo Penta generator producer quickly. Our customer don’t have to spend money to stock the engine by themselves. Our stock can be maximized efficiency of stocking.

Long and Flexible engine warranty term for Volvo Penta genset

– Warranty 2 years or 3000 hours: The first year is covered by an unlimited running hour warranty when using at prime power. This is a very good warranty term for Volvo Penta genset running at prime, which is not many engines in the world, can offer this warranty term because only top quality engine can do it.

Volvo Penta shop always stocks genuine spare parts

– Genuine Volvo Penta spare parts are always available to ensure routine maintenance according to European standards and only authorized Volvo Penta shop is allow to stock and supply Volvo Penta original parts

Volvo Penta engines for sale always comes with original documents

– TTTT will always supply original documents with engine to prove with our customer that they are working with an authorized representative of Volvo Penta, who is fully responsible for Volvo Penta engines for sale and service. The documents are: Volvo Penta letter of appointment, Import documents, Certificate of Origin – CO, Certificate of quality – CQ, certificate of warranty – CW.

Sharing Volvo Penta diesel generator project information with our customers – OEMs

– By investing in marketing and buying generator project information, we will always share generator project information with our customers. Together with our customers, we can bring Volvo Penta diesel generator directly to end user.

Free technical support and technical document supply

– We have technical team, who always is ready to support customer 24/7 and free of charge.

– Most of technical document, we can supply to OEMs such as Volvo penta manuals, Volvo generator maintenance schedule and help customer to find parts number on epc online volvo penta

Origins of Volvo Penta engine for Generator

 Volvo Penta TAD530GEGermany
Volvo Penta TAD531GEGermany
 Volvo Penta TAD532GEGermany
Volvo Penta TAD731GEGermany
Volvo Penta TAD732GEGermany
Volvo Penta TAD733GEGermany
 Volvo Penta TAD734GEGermany
Volvo Penta TAD841GEIndia
Volvo Penta TAD842GEIndia
Volvo Penta TAD843GEIndia
Volvo Penta TAD1341GESweden
 Volvo Penta TAD1342GESweden
 Volvo Penta TAD1343GESweden
Volvo Penta TAD1344GESweden
Volvo Penta TAD1345GESweden
Volvo Penta TAD1641GESweden
Volvo Penta TAD1642GESweden
Volvo Penta TWD1644GESweden
 Volvo Penta TWD1645GESweden

Why choose Volvo Penta Diesel Engine?

Lower cost of ownership

Volvo Penta’s line of industrial generator engines from Sweden is designed for reliability. These industrial engines provide the primary or backup power needed in critical situations or at jobs that depend on high performance. Whether it is a backup generator or an uninterruptible generator, using Volvo Penta engines, when running at full capacity, they bring cost of ownership lower because of fuel economy, durability, platform ubiquity and more. They leverage over a century of engineering experience and the strengths of the Volvo Group to provide a total solution you can trust.

Closed and quick technical support from local dealers

Volvo Vietnam and Volvo Cambodia aim to provide sustainable solutions to both OEMs and operators of advanced industrial engines. This is one of the many reasons why our engines models offer the highest level of industrial power. TTTT is appointed as an authorized Volvo Penta Official Dealer responsible for selling engines and providing warranty for all products: Engines used for assembly of generators (Continuous power 64kW/80kVA – 560kW /700kVA), construction machines (such as excavators, fire pumps..)
Volvo diesel engine keeps your operation always outstanding

Engine quality for prime working conditionals and tough working environment

Day and night – year after year – our products are at work, driving productivity worldwide, in everything from crowded container terminals to deep mines. They run continuously – or for emergency operations – powering a wide range of industrial applications where performance and uptime make a difference. The Volvo diesel engine is designed to operate reliably in tough conditions, with high performance and durability being a hallmark. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality, productivity protection. To further ensure trouble-free operation, all engines are supported by the Volvo Penta dealers network worldwide.

Volvo Penta diesel engine – The world most reliable engine technology

Volvo Penta diesel engines are the result of 100 years of experience in the manufacturing of industrial equipment. They are characterized by high performance, reliability, fuel economy and low emissions. Volvo diesel engine technology is thoroughly tested on trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and a wide variety of machinery installations and equipment in many industries. Proven reliable operation in all climates – freezing and scorching, dry and wet – and in harsh working environments.
Power and capacity
Characterized by high performance, reliability, fuel economy and low emissions, Volvo diesel engines for off-road applications and power generation are built to be versatile. Products developed to meet  customers’ needs with low weight, compact design, easy installation and optional equipment packages, making them perfect for many machine and equipment applications in many different industries. For more information you can type Volvo Penta dealer near me on google

A powerful resource

Reliability is key. Wherever your operation takes place, our engines are there to deliver reliable power. As an independent engine supplier to the Volvo Penta’s global service network, we can add comprehensive solutions that give your energy needs peace of mind. Our motors for generator applications are built to be reliable and durable,
designed to meet the most demanding challenges, regardless of standby or primary power needs.

Team experience – Volvo Penta generator value

The diesel engine production line is the result of more than 100 years of experience and innovation. As part of the Group, we benefit from the group’s shared technical expertise, which translates into innovative and tried-and-true technologies that truly make a difference. For generator engines and their industry. In my opinion, durability and reliability – along with world-class fuel economy and worldwide support – are common denominators. Volvo Penta delivers the performance and power you need wherever and whenever you need it.

As a local Volvo Penta dealer, we can work closely with our customers (genset producers) as a special team to offer end users, the most reasonable Volvo generator price. So if you have any enquiries on Volvo Penta generator price, please let us know.
Emissions Technology of Volvo Penta engine
The Volvo Penta engine is designed to meet the latest regulations in international emissions legislation. We take into account the needs of regional markets to meet demand at every stage of the process – both during production and throughout the product lifecycle.

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