Make sure to thoroughly read through the Volvo Penta manuals regarding operating and maintenance. It contains the information you need to be able to operate and maintain the engine safely and correctly. Pay careful attention to the safety instructions included in the manual.

Volvo Penta engine is designed to fulfill Volvo’s core values; quality, safety and environmental care. After more than 100 years as en engine manufacture, the Volvo Penta brand has also become a symbol of reliability, technical
innovation, top-of-the-range performance and long service life. Volvo Penta engines are used all over the world, in all possible operating conditions.

As the owner of a Volvo Penta engine, you become part of a worldwide network of dealers and service workshop that assist you with technical advice, Volvo Penta manuals TTTT  service requirements and replacement parts. Contact you nearest authorized Volvo Penta dealer for assistance:

Blow are manuals of D5. D7. D13 and D16 engines. Please click the link to download:  

The following is a summary of the main content contained in the manual, invite you to read with TTTT to find out:

1. Safety information

This chapter describes how safety precautions are presented in the manual and on the product. Read the chapter through very carefully before you start the engine or do any maintenance or service. It has to do with your safety; an incorrect operation can lead to personal injury and damage to products or property. It also gives you an introduction to the basic safety rules for using and looking after the engine. If anything remains unclear or if you are unsure of something, contact your Volvo Penta dealer for assistance.

2. Control system units: Engine Management System, Display Control Unit & control Interface Unit

When read documents, we will often encounter words that often appear when using VOLVO PENTA engines, which are EMS (Engine Management System), DCUI & DCU II (Display Control Unit), CIU (Control Interface Unit), … For more details about them, please download the study materials through the link above.


Reference: Generator maintenance schedule

Reference: EPC online Volvo Penta

3. Engine starting

In this section, customers will be advised of the rules and regulations when starting the engine, including the before starting & starting. The stages have been clearly summarized and outlined by VOLVO PENTA in the document to help customers feel secure and confident when using.

4. Engine operation

This is one of the important content that many customers find most. Absolutely, in order to make the best use of VOLVO PENTA engines, we need to make sure to understand how they operate and then operate correctly to avoid unnecessary errors.

In this section, VOLVO PENTA customers will be provided with steps for proper operation, each step will have detailed illustrations and explanations. During engine operation, customers will be alerted and noted a few core issues to help customers easily monitor and control. Then, as the end of operation, the document will provide the check steps for optimal termination of operation, avoiding errors.

5. Fault code handling

In the document, VOLVO PENTA listed common errors with a defined fault code, making it easy for customers to identify and check when having problems without technical support from our technician. Errors listed based on many years of industry experience of our engineers will certainly reassure customers when using.

6. Maintenance

This is an integral part of all equipment operating manuals, that is the timing, schedule and operations of inspection and maintenance and servicing for the Customer. Through all the information in the document, the Customer can check every detail of the engine in the most accurate way and just need to operate exactly as instructed to ensure it is still safe to use (There are illustrations).

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