– Different types of Volvo Penta coolant must not be mixed with each other.

– Risk of reduced cooling function and performance by clogging and isolation..

– Follow the mixing recommendation on the product.

– The Volvo Penta coolant TTTT should be mixed with distilled, deionized water. For Volvo Penta specified water requirements.



    Always use “Ready Mixed” coolant if water quality cannot be determined or if it does not fulfill ASTM D4985.

    Never mix more than 60% concentrated coolant with water (Its not good for Volvo penta closed cooling system)

1) Coolant Level, Checking and Topping up of Volvo Penta engine.

    # NOTICE:

      – Do not open the coolant filler cap when the engine is hot, except in emergencies as this could cause serious personal injury. Steam or hot fluid could spray out

      – Only use coolant recommended by Volvo Penta . Fill up with the same type of coolant that is in the system. Different types of coolant must not be mixed with each other

      – Filling of coolant must be performed with the engine stopped. Fill up slowly, to allow the air to flow out. Check the coolant level daily before start.

    # Carry out:

      – TWD16:

        1- Open the filler caps (1).

        2- Check that the coolant reaches the MAX mark on the sight glass (2). Top up with coolant as required

        3- Close the filler caps.


      –  TAD16:

        1- Open only the filler cap (1). Do not open the pressure cap (2).

        2- Check that the coolant level is between the MIN and MAX marks on the expansion tank (1). Top up with coolant as required

        3- Close the filler cap.


Reference: Volvo penta fuel filter

Reference: Generator diesel engine

2) Filling a completely empty system of Volvo Penta

    – Mix the correct amount of coolant in advance, to ensure that the cooling system is completely filled. Refer to Technical Data, page 91 for the correct coolant volume.

    – Do not start the engine until the cooling system is completely filled and vented.

    – If a heating unit is connected to the engine cooling system, the heating control valve should be opened and the installation vented during filling.

    – Carry out topping up in the cooling system:

      1- Check all drain points closed.

      2- TWD16:



           Open the caps to both the expansion tank (1) and the radiator (2). Fill the expansion tank so that the Volvo Penta coolant reaches the MAX mark on the sight glass. Close the filler caps.


          Open only the filler cap (1). Fill the expansion tank so that the coolant level is between the MIN and MAX marks. Close the filler cap.

       3- Bleed the system at the bleeding nipple (3).


      4- Start the engine when the Volvo Penta coolant system completely filled and vented. Open any bleeding nipples a short while after starting, to allow trapped air to escape.

      5- Start the engine after approx. one hour and check the coolant level. Top up with coolant as required.

3) Volvo Penta Green Coolant, Draining.

    – On engines which are to be put in storage, the engine cooling system should not be drained. the volvo penta green coolant contains corrosion inhibiting additives.

      1- Stop the engine before draining.

      2- TWD16

          Open both the pressure caps on the expansion tank (1) and the filler cap to the radiator (2).


          Open the filler cap (1). Do not remove the pressure cap (2).

      3- Open all drain points. Drain the coolant from the radiator and engine block, using the drain hose. The drain nipples are situated under the radiator on the right side of the engine block.

      4 – Check that all coolant drains out. Deposits may be found inside the drain plug/tap, and need to be cleared away. There is otherwise a risk that the coolant could remain and cause frost damage. Check whether the installation has any further taps or plugs at the lowest points of the cooling water pipes.

      5- Close any taps and check that the spring-loaded covers on the nipples close completely. Install the rubber plugs and the filler cap(s).



4) Volvo Penta Charge Air Cooler, External Cleaning.

    – Do not use a high pressure power washer for cleaning Volvo Penta air cooler.

    – Remove guards as necessary, to access the radiator.

    – Clean with water and a mild detergent. Use a soft brush.

    – Be careful not to damage the radiator vanes. Reinstall removed parts.


5) Cooling System, Cleaning.

    1- Empty the cooling system. Refer to Coolant, Draining, page 75.

    2- Put a hose into the expansion tank filling hole and flush with clean water, as specified by Volvo Penta– refer to section Water quality in Technical Data, page 91 until the water draining out is completely clear.

    3- If there should still be some contamination left after flushing for a long time, cleaning can be done with coolant. Otherwise, continue as in item 8 below.

    4- Fill the cooling system with 15-20 % mixture of concentrated coolant. Use only Volvo Penta recommended concentrated coolant mixed with clean water.

    5- Drain the coolant after 1-2 days of operation. Remove the filler cap and possibly the lower radiator hose to increase the speed of emptying. To prevent suspended material from settling back in the system emptying should be done rapidly, within the space of 10 minutes, when the engine has not been standing still for a long time.

    6- Flush the system immediately and thoroughly with clean hot water to prevent dirt from settling in the inner areas. Flush until the water that runs out is completely clean. Make sure that any heater controls are set to full heating during emptying.

    7- If contamination should still be left after a long period of flushing, cleanout using Volvo Penta radiator cleaner, followed by finishing-off with Volvo Penta neutralizer. Carefully follow the instructions on the package. Otherwise, continue as in item 8 below.

    8- When the cooling system is completely free from contamination, close the drain taps and plugs

    9- Fill up with Volvo Penta recommended coolant, following the instructions in the chapters entitled Maintenance, page 72 and Coolant Level, Checking and Topping Up, page 73.

6) Volvo Penta Cooling air filter.

    6.1) Installation

      1- Slide one half of the filter over the fan cover (as in fig.1).


      2- Turn the half filter until it is able to hang loosely on the fan cover (see fig. 2).


      3- Slide on the other filter half and secure the two halves together with self-affixing velcro tape (as in fig. 3a).

      4- Fasten the outer velcro tape around the fan cover guard (as in fig. 3b and 3c).

    6.2) Removal and cleaning

      1- Remove the cooling filter

      2- Brush away any heavy dirt with a soft brush.

      3- Rinse the filter with water

      NOTICE: Do not use gasoline, steam, a high-pressure washer or other cleaning agents.

      4- Re-install the filter according to instructions.

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