Working principle of alternator for water wheel

When there is a source of water, it affects the propellers of the alternator for water wheel. This will make them rotate, leading to the shaft of the electric tube rotating and making the magnetic field through the coil change. From there, a variable magnetic flux appears, creating an induced electromotive force and generating electricity.

The generated current of this large capacity generator  is a 220V power source used to supply electricity to household electrical appliances such as televisions, fans, lights, etc.

Therefore, the installation of this alternator for water wheel TTTT will be located in canals, rivers, streams, etc. to take advantage of the flow of water to provide mechanical energy for the turbine.


Classification of water alternator

Based on the design, water-powered generators are classified into 2 types, namely standing alternators and sitting alternators.

Standing alternators


Vertical dynamo are suitable for places with abundant water but low water pressure.

The product is designed with the motor and the rotating propeller shaft part. Users need to build a pedestal to create a vortex for the water in the direction of the machine’s operation, creating enough pressure to push the propeller to rotate.

Sitting alternators


Water alternators are widely used in areas with high water pressure such as flowing streams or reservoir dams.

Sitting dynamos are used more because of their simplicity of installation and use. Just buy the machine, connect the water source according to the instructions, you can use it.

Once installed and put into operation, the machine will generate 220V power. With places with year-round flow, we can have a permanent source of electricity.

Mecc Alte alternator for water wheel


With over 70 year experience as Mecc Alte alternator for sale, Mecc Alte can tailor designs to match specific requirements where a power solution is needed with a flexible product design, built for high quality and highly reliable power solutions.

The Cooling methods, bearings, IP protection, mechanical mounting, & coupling joints of each alternator can be customized upon client request to meet the specific power requirements, along with other critical components.

The speed of rotation (187rpm to 1,800rpm) is individually matched to the application and to various drive systems, such as hydro turbines. In addition, core design elements can be added to the hydro power alternators to match extreme environmental conditions with unique features that can be installed to prevent damage from corrosion and humidity.

In extreme applications, our power range alternators can be built with totally enclosed frames, where the severity of environment demands a lot more than a standard product.

Mecc Alte has many hydro power alternators operating throughout proven installations across Europe and further afield.

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Features of water wheel alternator generator


  • Using renewable energy sources: Water wheel alternator generator
  • Minimal fuel costs: Reduces fuel consumption, as only the fuel generator (diesel, gasoline, etc.) needs to be used for a certain period of time to ensure that the generator battery remains charged.
  • Less noise pollution: Compared with traditional alternators, water alternator generator are less noisy.
  • Fully automatic system: There is an innovative control system that can monitor the operation and can notify the user about the status of the system.

Applications of water powered alternator

  • Water powered alternator are useful in places where access to fuels (diesel, petrol, LPG etc.) is difficult. By reducing the use of fuel in alternator set, it ensures that the alternator set runs for a long duration with less fuel.
  • Hydro gensets ensure uninterrupted power supply to homes and shops. When a power outage occurs, the alternator system detects it and automatically begins to supply power to the connected home/shop.
  • In areas with size and weight constraints, water alternators are a good choice as they are light, compact and can be transported easily.
  • In places where power supply from the grid is not accessible, water alternator can be used as the primary source of power supply.

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