How will a brushless alternator be distinguished from a brushed alternator? What is the difference between these two types of alternators? Together we will check out this article for more useful information, explaining advantages and disadvantages of both types.

Mecc Alte Carbon brushed and brushless alternator

First let’s learn the concept of Mecc Alte generator, what is excitation?. This is the concept of a combined excitation circuit between a synchronous alternator and a rectifier system. The synchronous alternator used for excitation is called an ac exciter. The current will go directly from the armature of the exciter, through the rectifier, straight into the rotor without going through any contact of the receiving loop with any brushes and is called a brushless alternator TTTT excitation system.


The most easily noticeable difference between these two machines from the above concept is in terms of structure:

– Brushless alternator is operated from a combination of rotor, permanent magnet, coil and bearings (bearings).


– Brushed alternator is a motor, using alternator carbon brushes, made up of rotor shaft parts, graphite brushes, magnets and coils.

Reference: SAE flywheel sizes

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Advantages of carbon brushed & brushless alternator

Carbon brushless alternator 


– In the machine structure, there are no alternator carbon brush details, so wear and tear due to friction during operation will not occur.

– The electromagnets above the stator will be cooled more easily.

– There won’t be much noise and sparks are also much reduced.

– Using a control computer instead of a brush helps to balance the speed of the electric motor, making the brushless alternator more efficient.

– In the structure of the machine can add more electromagnets to control more accurately.

– The machine also operates more smoothly.

– Stable machine power, high efficiency and good durability.

Carbon brushed alternator

– People often look to buy brushed alternator because both alternator and alternator carbon brush price are cheap. The working magnets in this alternator are very cheap, but if you meet the average needs, the product can still give good quality when used.

– The brush in the alternator is in contact and slides onto the motor commutator (sliding ring of the alternator part) so it has the function of transmitting current, connecting and maintaining the Roto part. These functions help the machine work at its best.

Disadvantages of brushed and brushless alternators

Brushless alternator

– The brushless alternator has a rather high price in the market. The reason is that the permanent magnet part of the machine is also more expensive than other parts of the rest of the series. This is the only reason why buyers hesitate when choosing to buy a alternator

– However, if you have the financial ability, choose this type of machine for the best working efficiency. The life of the machine is also longer and more durable over the years.

– Magnetic sharp magnets can be substituted for permanent magnets to reduce costs. However, this part has a low magnetic capacity, is easily demagnetized, and the magnetic properties of the magnet will be reduced with increasing temperature. Therefore, it is better to use permanent magnets for the best.

Brushed alternator

Graphite brushes over a period of use will quickly wear out and the machine will have a shorter life. The motor part in the machine consumes a lot of electricity, but the power is weaker than other motors of the same size.

Where to buy carbon brushed alternator

The Mecc Alte brushless alternator is a great choice, although the price is slightly higher than other types, but offers a high value of ownership, helping customers to be stable and satisfied when using. Currently, brushless alternators are very popular, most users choose this type when they have a need to generate electricity, contributing to affirming the quality. To answer for a question: where to buy carbon brushes of alternator in Vietnam, Mecc Alte brushless alternators are being used extremely widely because of the quality of Italian products and long-term warranty.

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