Generator controller introduction

Sices controller is an Italy company, which was found in 1970s. At the beginning, its Italian family business but now it become a global company with world wide distributing system and after sale service network. With over 40 years of research and develop, we have been building up there trust in customers and their brand position in controller market.

By applying advance technology in production, Sices generator controller has got long life products. Base on that, we are offering to their customer the world longest warranty term, 3 years warranty. The reasons, we apply this long warranty because they trust on their quality and trust on their result for technical research team.

In 2019, 2 biggest Italy companies in diesel genset (DG) components section are Mecc Alte and Sices have cooperated in order to be stronger in the world competitive market of generator controller . They use each other distributing systems and advantages of brands to increase their controller sale and cover the world market.

TTTT Global as a member of Mecc Alte dealer network, we have signed authorized distributor contact with Sices generator controller TTTT for Vietnam and Cambodia markets. Now we become officially Sices distributors in Vietnam and Cambodia. Our mission is to bring a quality product of genset controller to our local markets.

Advantages of buying automatic generator controller from TTTT


Quick and professional support from generator controller dealers in Vietnam and Cambodia

By having local representative of  Sices automatic generator controller, customers can have a very quick technical support. TTTT technical team are trained by Sices and we have experience in troubleshooting, which can help customer to solve any problem in a very short time. Problem solving time is extremely important, when customer generator is having problem.

Fast delivery and cost saving of amf panel for generator manufacturer

The Sices controller (amf panel for generator) can be deliver in the same. If you customer order in the morning, we can deliver it in the afternoon. This solution is our key point, which is not so many controller company can offer it.

We always remain stock of all models in our warehouse in Ho Chi Minh and Phnom Penh. Whenever customers needs it quickly, we are able to service it right away. Generator producer also don’t need to spend money to stock the controller because we already have full range of Sices product in our warehouse.

The world longest warranty for DG amf panel

Sices warranty time is 3 years, which is the longest warranty time of controller in the world. This policy is showing that we are trusting in our quality and service. This warranty term also make our customer be more confident in our dg amf panel, when they use it for their generator.

Genuine spare parts always stocked for DG auto start panel

In order to warranty 3 years, TTTT has to stock all kind spare parts for all of Sices dg auto start panel models for sale and parts replacement purpose. All parts are genuine and made in Italy.

DG amf controller comes with original import documents

When we deliver dg amf controller, we will always send it with import document to prove with our customers for  quality and origin our products. The document includes:  Sices letter of Appointment – LOA, Certificate of Origin – CO, Certificate of Quality – CQ, Certificate of Warranty – CW.

Notice: Wherever you buy the automatic generator controller, make sure that we will always ask for above import document in order to avoid buying copy sices controller and poor quality products.

DG auto start panel models are all made in Italy

Sices dg auto start panel has only one factory in Italy. That means we have only one quality standard, which is European quality standard.  Made in Italy controller can bring you more trust from your customers on your generator brand.

Types of genset controller models and Functions


Genset Controller types

Sices Models

Automatic Transfer Switch – ATS Controller

Sices ATS 115

Automatic Generator Controller  &  Remote

DST4400, Sices GC250, Sices GC315 Plus & Link 5G

Synchronization Controller & Remote

Sices GC400 Mains,  Sices GC600 Mains.  DST4602 Evolution  ,  DST4602 Remote

Additional Busbar & Bar Tie Breaker controller for synchronization controller

Sices BTB200

Synchronizing Generator to Mains Controllers

Sices MC400Sices MC200

Hybrid system controller for Renewable, Battery, Generator power sources

Sices HS315,   Sices RN200

Multifunction power protection relay

Sices D-pro

General information about Sices controller

SICES hoà đồng bộ máy phát điện

50 years history of the Italy DG Synchronization & AMF ATS Controller

Sices synchronization controller is made in Italy, with over 50 years of experience with critical power generation projects, we’ve learned a thing or two about quality. We know that the cost of our controller may not be much compared to the cost of the entire project, but our synchronous generator controller is the brain and plays an important role in the whole system electricity.

Global Quality Standards

Quality is the guideline of SICES philosophy; therefore, from your initial inquiry to sales posting, our goal is to provide only the highest standard of products and services, best suited for every customer. All of our products and services, including generator synchronous circuits meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: quality standards and environmental regulations. . When using the product, customers will always have peace of mind, because for us, our brand must be the leading brand in terms of quality.

All of our products and services, including generator synchronous circuits and ATS amf controller, meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001: quality standards and environmental regulations. . When using the product, customers will always have peace of mind, because for us, the SICES brand must be the leading brand in terms of quality.

Having worked closely with regulators (Enel, ex UTF AdD, GSE, Terna, etc.) applicable regulations and standards required during installation, management and operation to produce a generator control scheme

Technical team

“Our professional team will help you turn your ideas into reality.” Yes, a strong brand must build and invest heavily in terms of people, SICES always regularly trains skills for all its members, supports and actively transmits experience. each other, contributing to creating the core value of the SICES brand.

Design and Applications of the generator controller

Starting with your initial request, we will provide expert design and consultation services, and work closely with you to ensure the highest quality, reliability and capability, for until providing both a power system and generator synchronization method for projects such as: Telecommunications, Finance, Medicine, Utilities, Construction & Mining, Data Center, Commercial Project Trade, Power Plant, Oil and Gas.

Sices generator controller can boast a long-standing alliance with the energy industry and is qualified to provide comprehensive professional consulting services. All customers when using our products give positive feedback and are extremely satisfied with the value that we brings to them, for us it is a pride, proving that the technology we created has achieved success and worthy results.

Sices software download & configuration instruction

Please click the link to download Sices Software Download for all Sices  Ats controller, synchronization generator controller and others

Please click the link to be instruct how to setup teh controller: Sices generator controller configuration

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