The Mecc Alte series of 3 stages battery charger use an advanced multi-stage charging process to charge the battery as quickly as possible. This multi-stage charging method also ensures that the battery is safely recharged and maximum battery life can be achieved. So what makes the difference for the Mecc Alte battery charger circuit, let’s find out through the article below.

1. 3 stage switching mode battery charger developed by Mecc Alte

The charging process of the Mecc Alte charging battery is divided into 3 stage switching mode battery charger: Fast Charging, Absorption and Stable.


1.1.Bulk Charging of 3 stages battery charger


During this stage, the charging process of the Mecc Alte 3 stage battery charger TTTT is done by a fixed current. The fast charging stage is where most of the energy used from the battery is replaced. However, it is not possible to continue charging the battery at this rate, as the temperature will rise too high. So once the battery voltage reaches a certain level, the fast charging will stop.

Amperage is usually the rated load of the charger. The output of the battery charger is maintained for a period of time until the period ends. During this time, battery chargers may experience problems because they cannot maintain the required charging current, so Mecc Alte has a “Fold-back” protection function to solve this problem. The “Fold-back” function works to limit the use of available current to charge the battery, greatly increasing the charging time or failing to charge the battery.

For switch type chargers, this is when the charger is most active and a good thermal design is required to dissipate the heat generated by the charger. The constant high temperature of the battery charging components leads to an increased risk of failure and a shorter lifespan. This phase ends when the battery’s voltage becomes higher than the threshold for the termination of fast charging.

1.2. Absorption charging of 3 stages battery charger


During this stage, the charging of the battery by the Mecc Alte charger is done using a fixed voltage. As the battery’s state of charge increases, the current from the charger will gradually decrease. Once the current is reduced to a certain point, it is necessary to reduce the voltage to avoid temperature rise and to avoid gas generation of the electrolyte.

The absorption charging stage is extremely important to provide a good charging state for the battery and maintain a good battery life. The absorption stage is performed at a higher battery voltage than the steady charge in section 1.3 and ensures that the battery is charged in the fastest possible time, safely.

The voltage setpoint is set to match the battery’s requirements and is significantly higher than the voltage at the stable charging stage below. The current used by the Battery is continuously monitored by the charger during the “Absorption” phase. This phase ends when the charging current (Battery) becomes lower than the threshold for the end of the “Absorption” phase.

1.3. Float charging of 3 stages battery charger


During this phase, the battery charging by the Mecc Alte battery charger circuit is performed at a lower fixed voltage, ensuring that the battery is fully charged to 100%. Very little energy is replaced by the energy in the battery during steady charging, but it is important for the battery to receive an adequate charge to maintain its internal energy and thus enjoy a long life. The voltage landmark is set according to the requirements of the battery. It is usually much lower than the “Absorption” stage voltage.

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2. Limitation of conventional charger with constant voltage, limited amperage

Cheaper battery chargers use a simple single-stage charging process to charge the battery. This process takes more time because the charging voltage must be equal to the charging voltage at the end of the float, or the risk of battery failure is high.

Float voltage is further damaged by the effects of “load regulation”, where the voltage tends to go higher as the load decreases, so the overall voltage needs to be set lower to compensate. There is no “absorption phase” when using a constant voltage charger, so the risk of the battery being “Aerated” is higher. Charging time is longer than that of the Mecc Alte Multi-Stage Battery Charger, which takes about 22 hours for a complete charge cycle.

Since a lower voltage is used, the time required to replace the energy in the battery is significantly longer than in 3 stage charger.

3. Conclusion of Mecc Alte 3 stage automatic smart battery charger

The Mecc Alte 3 stage automatic smart battery charger can significantly reduce the charging time required to fully charge the battery. In addition, it can also prolong the life of the battery, reducing the phenomenon of “Aeration” of the battery, which is the leading cause of battery failure. Finally, phased charging reduces the failure rate of the starter battery, which has a longer service life and maintains a higher battery capacity.

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