Battery charger is not a strange device in most industrial devices. The  chargers are used in many different applications. With applications and charger currently on the market, the Mecc Alte charger made in Italy, is the most commonly used and modern solar battery charger with many modern features.

Introduction to solar battery charger, wind power charger, telecom system charger, etc.

Currently, renewable energy power systems and telecom systems always have a separate battery or battery backup source to use to operate the system or use when the main energy supply system stops supplying energy. quantity. To be able to have such a backup source, it is necessary to have a battery or battery and a solar battery charger TTTT or telecom battery charger to be able to recharge the battery from the mains, generator source. electricity or renewable energy sources.

The battery charger device can be a battery charger, also known as a battery charger. Currently, there are many suppliers of this charging equipment such as: MECC ALTE battery charger, FOXSUR battery charger, LIOA battery charger, ROBOT battery charger, ANJING battery charger, …

The charger can provide a battery or battery with a reserve energy source when the system is not working, so it can be used for solar charger systems, wind power chargers, telecom system chargers, light tower system,…

Mecc Alte system in solar power system, renewable energy

The system may include:

Solar panels.

Wind turbines.


Battery charge controller.

Mecc Alte solar battery charger.

Batteries or accumulators (batteries and accumulators can use Carbon Foam, Factory Setting, Flooded Lead Acid, Lead Antimony, Lead Calcium, Lead Crystal, Lead Selenium, LiFePo, Lithium Ion with BMS, Lithium Titanate with BMS, NiCad 18 Cells, NiCad 20 Cells, Sodium Salt with BMS, VRLA (AGM), VRLA (Gel)).

Electricity line.

Operation system: Renewable energy will be the main source, when the renewable energy source operates, it will supply the load and thereby go through the Mecc Alte solar battery charger and charge the battery, When the battery is full, the Mecc Alte battery charger will automatically disconnect to save energy, protect the battery to help the battery have a long life. When the renewable energy source is no longer available to supply the load, the battery will be operated and provide energy for the active load (corresponding to solar power, it is in the evening or when the sun is covered. in wind power is when there is no wind). When renewable energy is available, the battery will stop supplying the load and be recharged by the renewable source via the Mecc Alte battery charger.

Sơ đồ mạch sạch ắc quy trong năng lượng tái tạo

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The system uses the Mecc Alte brand telecom battery charger

The system may include:

Electricity line.


Batteries or accumulators.

Battery charge controller.

Telecom Mecc Alte battery charger.

Operating system: The power grid or generator will supply the load and at the same time will charge the backup battery and can also charge the generator battery. When the mains power system or generator has a problem and needs maintenance time, the battery power will be operated and supplied to the load until the generator and mains power are maintained. In addition, if the battery source can be used in warning systems, indicator lights, fire alarm systems, etc., it can be used in accordance with the system requirements. The system can use multiple batteries or batteries to divide and use for different needs of the system, because the capacity of the Mecc Alte battery charger is quite large, so it can simultaneously supply multiple battery sources. battery and battery.

Sơ đồ mạch sạch ắc quy trong máy phát điện

Benefits of using Mecc Alte generator battery charger

Currently, the use of battery chargers is applied a lot in solar power systems, wind power and telecom systems, so choosing an effective and long-term battery charger is important. very necessary. To meet the needs of users, the MECC ALTE genset battery charger is a battery charger circuit that fully meets the needs of customers in all use cases with different types of batteries. To operate systems that require a battery or battery system, the Mecc Alte battery charger is indispensable for the entire system with many outstanding points.

The battery charger’s remote current outputs can be installed for notification lights or signaled to switch off the system connections for a more convenient and advanced system installation during use. use. The Mecc Alte charger allows up to 5 remote signal outputs to facilitate system installation. The calibration button on the charger adjusts the energy supplied to the system to match the battery and battery connected to the charger to better protect the battery and battery when charged.

So sánh Bộ sạc ắc quy Mecc Alte và bộ sạc Deepsea

There is also a status light on the charger:

The light is only green: Charging is normal.

Green light then red frequency 1Hz: DC output is faulty.

Red light 10Hz on and off: AC output is faulty or charging is faulty.

Red light 0.1s: The battery has been disconnected.

Green light then red frequency 5Hz: In calibration mode.

Red light 0.5s: Over temperature.

The battery charger circuit of MECC ALTE has many types with different capacity levels that all have outstanding and most advanced advantages today:

  • Fast charging speed.
  • Save time.
  • Long service life.
  • Can be used continuously during system operating time.
  • High durability meets European standards.
  • Prices are very reasonable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to observe voltage and related parameters.
  • Compact, design suitable for many systems.
  • MECC ALTE is a British brand, so all European standards and requirements are fully guaranteed.

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