Currently, the world’s famous brand name players have their own distinctive features and standard management systems to identify genuine and quality goods according to the standards. This greatly supports customers when choosing to use products, contributing to increasing brand trust and reputation. Below is an article on how to check Mecc Alte genuine alternator and a few related questions.

Questions related to genuine Mecc Alte generators

How do I check my Mecc Alte’s authenticity?

All Mecc Alte products have the hologram identifying it as a genuine Mecc Alte. By inputting the 7 digit serial number, found on the nameplate on your product, into the dedicated Mecc Alte Support website (, or by scanning the bar code in the Mecc Alte app, you can check if your product is a verified Mecc Alte.

Does the Mecc Alte Support website give me any further information than my product verification?

Yes, once you have input the serial number into the support website, all product test certificates, build data and complete product part breakdowns are displayed, providing you with additional assurance of product legitimacy.

Does the Mecc Alte App give me any further information than my product verification?

As a valuable service tool, users can use the App to set stability alarms and parameters, as well as control voltages, frequency and other settings. Complex functions such as a soft start or specific routine to ease the engine speed recovery are available at the touch of a toggle within the App. Test certificates, build data and quality step reports are also available. All performance analytics are stored making it even easier to record and store alternator statistics for aftersales service which can then be shared across multiple platforms including WhatsApp, messenger and on email.

Is there a quicker way for me to access the Mecc Alte Support website so I can authenticate my product?

Yes, a QR reader is located on the product nameplate, directly adjacent to the hologram, directing you to the support page instantly. I’ve just entered my product serial number and it hasn’t been authenticated; what can I do now?
It’s likely that you have been sold a counterfeit product; for further assistance please email to chat with one of our specially trained advisors about what you can do next.

Is it possible for a counterfeit manufacturer to guess a Mecc Alte serial number?

It is extremely unlikely that a counterfeit could guess a Mecc Alte serial number from genuine alternator TTTT due to the way our production team generates and distributes them.

Will this be rolled onto other Mecc Alte products?

Yes, all of our Spares packaging incorporate the hologram with tamper-proof seals, enabling our customers to know they have continuation of warranty and genuine parts that will not prove detrimental to their products’ performance. Counterfeiting is an ever increasing threat and can be extremely dangerous to our customers and even more detrimental to their businesses. This global phenomenon has been estimated to contribute a momentous 5-7% of total world trade.

At Mecc Alte, we maintain a specific customer focus and centre the entirety of our business around meeting our customer requirements and power needs. In response to the threat of global counterfeiting, we have implemented several safety features, which give our customers the peace of mind from a genuine world-class alternator. Our counterfeit protection hologram has been integrated into a newly improved nameplate oversticker that proves the origin of the Mecc Alte product.

Built-in features help easy identification of fake products and parts, with additional intelligent market features, including complex counterfeit deterrents plus easy alignment and placement.

Simple way to check genuine Mecc Alte alternator

Check your serial number

Download the Mecc Alte App where you can view machine authenticity through scanning the barcode serial number featured on the name plate of each genuine Mecc Alte alternator. The App also provides deep visibility into the performance of your alternator at the touch of a button with access to AVR data and product schematics. Alternatively, visit and enter your serial number in the designated search box to verify your product.

Once you have entered your serial number you will be presented with your products full line traceability; all test certificates, build data and compatible spare parts.

Reference: Mecc Alte package

Reference: Permanent magnet alternator

State of the art security label

Introduced at the beginning of 2016, our latest hologram is placed on our alternators, protecting our customers who support and rely on our genuine quality, and preserving and defending our brand.

If you have any reason to suspect that your product is a counterfeit, you should immediately contact for assistance.

How to identify poor quality alternator visually?

mecc alte genuine alternator 1

1. Cracks in fan casing
Can result in an unbalanced machine, damage to the engine or mounts, and cause increased bearing wear and level of noise.
2. Cost cutting on hardware
Can result in loose panels and increased levels of vibration and noise.
3. Insufficient stator impregnation
Can cause premature stator winding failure and overheating.
4. Dangerous foot arrangement
Causes increased vibrations and noise levels, and can cause possible component failure.
5. Poor bearing quality
Can lead to the premature failure of the bearings which could lead to total machine failure.
6. Substandard voltage regulation
May lead to premature excitation failure and the inability to maintain output voltage in faulty conditions.
Mecc Alte’s easy ID: QR reader directing instantly to the support page making product verification easy and efficient.

How to identify through labels of Mecc Alte alternator and documents?

mecc alte genuine alternator 3
1. Proof of origin on European product
2. Quality improvement
Sticker is treble-laminated, heat and oil resistant.
Finish and placement is consistent.
3. Sticker is easier to align and place
4. Deterrent 1
Complex printing process and colours.
5. Deterrent 2
Integrated hologram.
6. Hidden UV, genuine Mecc Alte check.


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