Currently, the use of generators is not far away, for everyone, generators are used in many different fields such as: in industry, in civil, in telecom systems,…. Used a lot in different applications but quite a lot of people do not know What is in generator, how do a generator work or consists of which parts in it?

What is in generator ?

The current, question of what is in generator TTTT is very common question. To answer what is a generator ?, below are main parts such as:

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  • Engine
  • Alternator
  • Fuel system
  • Cooling system
  • Lubrication systems
  • Generator controller
  • Battery charger
  • Security system
  • Exhaust system

Structure and how does single phase ac generator works ?

Single phase ac generator operates on alternating current and are used in single-phase grid systems. Structure ac single phase generator includes the main parts are:

The engine is the part that supplies the mechanical input energy to the rotating part of the generator head.

Structure of generator consists of 2 main parts:

  • Inductance: Made of magnets (usually electromagnets or better, permanent magnets) that create a magnetic field. This part is also called Stator for small capacity machines, for machines with large capacity, it is called Rotor.
  • Armature: Made up of identical wire frames and coils, the wires are wound tightly together and overlapped in many similar layers, this part has the effect of creating inductive electromotive force. This part is also called Rotor with small capacity machines, large capacity machines call it Stator.

How do a generator work or the working principle of ac single phase generator is: based on electromagnetic induction phenomenon, when the rotor rotates, it will generate a variable electric rate and when this dynamic rate is brought out to create alternating current. single-phase afternoon.

Structure and how a 3 phase generator works ?

How is 3 phase power generated by generator, operating on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction converting from mechanical energy to electricity are widely used in manufacturing business, industrial systems. Structure of three phase generator includes the main parts:

The engine is the part that supplies the mechanical input energy to the rotating part of the generator head.

The generator consists of 2 main parts:

  • Inductance: The structure consists of three coils that are identical in size, number of turns and arranged on a circle each coil has a deviation of 120 degrees. This part is also called Rotor or rotating part.
  • Armature: Made of magnets (usually electromagnets or, better yet, permanent magnets), which rotate around the fixed axis to create a magnetic field. This part is also known as the Stator or the stationary part.

What is in generator or how a 3 phase generator works is that: based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, when the rotating rotor generates a variable electric charge on a coil of the stator and this electromotive force is given three coils. create three-phase alternating current.

References: Stamford alternator

References: Suoer battery charger

Structure of generator engine 

To answer What is generator, the engine is one of the two most important parts of the generator system. The motor is the input source of the mechanical energy to the generator head for the rotating part of the generator head to work. On a generator the engine part accounts for about 45-50% of the value of a generator.

Volvo Penta TAD1346GE picture

Currently, there are many brands and types of engines on the market such as Cummins engine, Perking engine, Caterpillar engine, … But the most prominent is still Volvo Penta engine.

Structure of alternator in generator

The alternator is the remaining important part of the generator system with the engine. The alternator in Structure of generator is an output source that provides power converted from the motor’s mechanical energy by electromagnetic induction into one-phase or three-phase alternating current depending on the structure of the system. The transmitter consists of two main parts, the rotating part and the stationary part, depending on the capacity, these two parts have interchangeable names.


Currently, the generator has many manufacturers and has many different types such as: Stamford Alternator, Marathon Alternator, …. The most preferred and used generator is the Mecc Alte alternator.

Structure of generator controller 

The controller is a very important part of the generator system, the controller has the function of controlling the operation of the generator, together with the function of protection, parameter display and adjustment. parameters on the generator system.


Current generator controller manufacturers such as: ComAp, Smartgen, schneider,…. But the most popular and used today are the Sices generator controller and the Deepsea controller.

Structure of generator battery charger

The battery charger keeps the task of supplying power to the generator’s battery at all times, helping to start the generator and keeping the generator stable.


The best used, advanced, and powerful battery charger today is the Mecc Alte generator battery charger.

How do a generator work with all systems in generator

How does a electric generator work ? is an question is not easy to answer because it will touch to all systems of the generator.  To study what is in generator, please have a look some base systems in generator as below.

Cấu tạo máy phát điện, động cơ, đầu phát điện

Fuel system

Fuel system is a place where fuel is stored and put fuel to operate the engine. The fuel system includes fuel tank, fuel pipe, fuel pump, fuel filter, injector,…. The fuel system components all have different functions and make up the fuel system for the generator.

Cooling system

When the generator is active, it heats very quickly and very hot, so it is necessary to have a cooling system to ensure that the generator is always cool and operates steadily and smoothly for a long time, increasing the life of the engine.

Lubrication system

The lubrication system makes the generator more durable and quiet when used for a long time, does not affect the operation of the machine and increases the life of the generator.

Voltage stabilizer AVR

Auto voltage regulator is the part that regulates the output voltage of the machine. It is responsible for ensuring that the voltage is connected at a stable and allowable level to help the generator operate properly for adjustment.

Basement system

The protective system includes a protective frame and base to help reduce vibration, reduce noise, and reduce the environmental impact of the generator system.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system of the generator system to help the generator operate more stably.


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