When customers use Mecc Alte alternators, they may have problems with parameters related to the transmitter and protection modes or change the AVR (automatic voltage regulator) without knowing how to adjust parameters as the original. Through this article, TTTT would like to invite you to learn with us how to adjust the Mecc Alte AVR.


For your safety, do not use your bare hands to operate while the alternator is operating or touch the area of ​​the auto voltage regulation that may cause slight shock. Please read the supplier’s manual carefully and use insulated gloves and screwdrivers when adjusting voltage.

When you replace an old AVR automatic voltage regulator by an new AVR, you may be provided with a new version that is not the same as the old one, so read the user manual carefully to make sure you wire it up correctly. The most important thing is to make sure that the new automatic voltage regulator TTTT – AVR is genuine, please contact TTTT – Mecc Alte Official Authorized Representative in Vietnam directly for advice on genuine purchase.

The alternator should be connected to a control panel to read the parameters during the adjustment process (The initial adjustment is either active or off, no load is required) and of course, to use and to protect the alternator, customers must also know how to choose compatible equipment with the alternator, such as: Engine with the same frequency and speed parameters, Standard MCCB,…


The DSR’s voltage correction controller uses a 10kOhm potentiometer, the DER1’s is 100kOhm +-14% oscillator, or the 25kOhm type with a 3.9 Ohm resistor in series +-7% correction.

One of the best automatic voltage regulator of Mecc Alte alternator has 2 versions of the AVR:

DSR (white base type) is used for Prime power < 400kVA and DSR/A (blue base type) is used for > 400kVA.
DER1 (white base type) is used for Prime power < 800kVA and DER1/A (green base type) is used for 800kVA – 2800kVA.


The new Mecc Alte AVR (ac automatic voltage regulator) may not have a pre-installed voltage, so when you buy a new item, you must check and install it yourself or ask the help of TTTT team to complete the installation. The adjustment position is the screw marked on the surface of the new AVR including the labels named “VOL” (voltage), “Hz” (Frequency), “AMP” (Amperage). Before using, you should use the screw to turn the screw counter-clockwise all the way. Because the new AVR, failing to do so may affect the auxiliary load and connected equipment.

Each Mecc Alte alternator has corresponding parameters suitable for the customer’s application, and this parameter is printed on the nameplate of the product and on the Test report of the issuing company to help customers easily recognize and control. Adjust the numbers accordingly. For more information, you can contact TTTT for advice and support.

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Based on the parameters on the label of the alternator and the company’s Test report so that we can adjust the parameters for accuracy. For example for 3 phase alternator, 400V, 50Hz, 1500Rpm.

Adjust voltage for Mecc Alte DSE & DER1

Voltage adjustment of Mecc Alte DSR & DER1 –  Source: Mecc Alte

Reference: Low rpm alternator

Reference: Mecc Alte generator manual

Find the screw labeled “VOL”, use a screwdriver to change the voltage value, if you want to increase, rotate clockwise and decrease, vice versa. Do the operation slowly and gently write close to the desired voltage.

Overload protection adjustment

The transmitter is manufactured to allow a maximum load of 110%, and the overload protection will operate when the threshold is exceeded. To adjust the overload protection mode, we do the following.

The operation is similar to voltage regulation. Find the screw labeled “AMP” to adjust, rotate until the output voltage is 394V – 400V. The LED on the automatic voltage controller – AVR  circuit will also act as under-speed protection. But there is one more operation that needs to be focused on, which is to determine the delay time for the MCCB to automatically disconnect to protect the device from overloading, which will usually be recorded in the corresponding alternator’s documentation.

AVR regulator Under-speed protection adjustment

Under speed protection of Mecc Alte DSR & DER1 – Source: Mecc Alte

Same operation for voltage regulation. Find the screw labeled “Hz” to adjust, rotate until the output voltage is about 394V-400V (Can be adjusted 1% lower than announced parameters). When adjusting the LED on the AVR regulator will blink continuously for about 1 second and then stop blinking for 1 second. That means under-speed protection has been activated. When in use, the connected engine is active, the light on the AVR will flash slowly.

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