The RN200 solar power controller is a controller that allows to be used to manage, control and control the solar power system in parallel with the generator or the grid power to synchronously use for the load. or transmit to the power grid. RN200 solar power controller is applied in many solar energy systems such as solar power, wind power, ….

Solar power systems of RN200 controller

Sices RN200 is a solar power controller from Italy. RN200 specializes in the control of solar power system TTTT and generators, in addition to the ability to control busbars for current, voltage, capacity, power factor,….Set Special functions include solar power protection, busbar protection, generator protection, other auxiliary protection, etc.

Sices RN200 regenerative power controller can control up to 16 inverters and up to 16 controllers can be connected together in a system providing control over renewable energy. The 4.3″ TFT screen has a backlight, the power is only 6W, the weight is 1.1 kg and is equipped with IP65 protection to help the controller use it in a variety of environmental conditions. The Sices RN200 always stocked in Sices Vietnam distributor as TTTT Global:

Solar energy source system using RN200 controller

Generator: Runs when the solar energy source is no longer supplying the load or when the solar energy source does not have enough energy to power the load, the generator source will be directly or synchronously with the source. renewable energy to jointly power the load.

Solar energy source set (solar energy source, wind energy source,…): Consists of many system components (solar panels (wind), power conversion system (inverter), … ) . Operated to provide uninterruptible power to the load or back to the mains.

Solar Controller Sices RN200: Provides the ability to control the system manually or dynamically operating in parallel between the solar source and the generator source, in addition, it also has the functions of solar power protection, protect busbars, protect generators, control operating parameters, adjust parameters on the system, etc.

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Applications in renewable energy systems using the RN200 controller

When the solar energy source is started, the solar energy source will supply the load to operate continuously throughout the load operation period (if the solar energy source is no longer available, the generator will provide the load for operation). continuous operation).

Mạch ứng dụng điện mặt trời 1 SIces RN200

When the solar energy source is not enough to supply the load, the system will operate the generator to power the load to operate at full capacity.

Mạch ứng dụng điện mặt trời 2 Sices RN200

When the solar energy source is no longer available (at night or wind is lost), the generator will be started to supply the load for continuous operation.

Mạch ứng dụng điện mặt trời 3 Sices RN200

When the solar energy source resumes and supplies power to the load, the generator will stop working to allow the renewable source to supply the load.

Mạch ứng dụng điện mặt trời 1 SIces RN200

Benefits of the RN200 controller

The Sices RN200 solar power controller included in the system will bring the following benefits:

System parameter control: The system will display the parameters on the screen of the monitoring controller and adjust the system’s parameters easily and conveniently for the user.

Operating and controlling the system: On the screen, there are buttons to help users based on reality to operate and control the system according to operational requirements to ensure the best operation of the system. The system allows to control up to 16 inverters and can combine up to 16 controllers on one system, so the system capacity can be controlled very large.

Protection functions: On the controller, there are system protection functions (generators, solar energy sources (solar energy, wind energy, …), busbar protection and auxiliary protections. other) so that users can see warnings and handle system errors to help protect system elements from damage on elements that adversely affect the system.

The Sices controller RN200 Renewable Energy Controller is essential for a renewable energy operating system used to power loads or the grid, a solar energy source controller used for power systems. Solar energy, wind energy…

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