Experiencing a very difficult 2021 because of the epidemic, 2022 will be a perfect year with full of potential for industrial products, especially in the alternator field and renewable energy industry. Mecc Alte Alternator is one of the world’s leading corporations in pioneering reforms and building the best customer support policies in the two areas mentioned above. During the business trip to hand over the new strategy 2022-2023 of the Director of Mecc Alte Southeast Asia (Mecc Alte Singapore) Mr. Meyer in Vietnam, Mecc Alte TTTT Global was honored to welcome and absorb the new plans.

New points in the meeting between Mecc Alte TTTT Global


General market information of Mecc Alte

In the last meeting, Mecc Alte TTTT Global discussed many issues to improve product quality, service quality – spare parts as well as the price of alternators to make the most suitable for Eastern South Asia, especially in Vietnam. Vietnam is a particular country that pays great attention to the accuracy of product quality, documents proving the origin and brand. Besides, Vietnam is also strict in the process of checking products before approving the project, so in the meeting, the two sides discussed the certainty of the goods.

Information about the price of Mecc Alte alternator

In 2022, the price of raw materials for the production of generators has increased rapidly, leading to an increase in the cost of finished products, Mecc Alte is no exception, the current price for all origins of Mecc Alte such as: China, India, Italy and the UK. It is worth mentioning that such a price increase will affect customers’ pre-approved projects, TTTT and Mecc Alte are also looking for the best solution to support customers, which is to keep the old prices for orders.

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Information about alternator in stock in Southest Asia warehouse

Another important point is that the inventory of Italian and UK origin is focused by Mecc Alte. Currently, EU goods are focused, units are preferring EU/G7 origin, so inventory is necessary. Compared to 2021, 2022, Mecc Alte has increased EU/G7 inventory much, contributing to supporting Vietnamese OEMs to participate in projects that need the best quality standard products. It is also quite important that in order to get goods of EU / G7 origin, the units must have an orientation and plan to close the goods otherwise it is difficult to keep the goods for customers in this situation.

New in the 2022 meeting is the development of supporting equipment for renewable energy supply, Mecc Alte is ready to develop and manufacture supporting devices for the above field including (Mecc Alte package): Controllers, battery chargers, inverters, inverter controllers, governors and actuators will all be under the Mecc Alte brand. This is a very convenient and economical product package for customers using uninterruptible power in Vietnam.

In general, after the meeting Mecc Alte TTTT Global have agreed on the plan to implement the plan for 2022 and 2023, in the near future there will be many innovations in product introduction and many very good policies to customers. row. TTTT will be responsible for monitoring and taking care of Vietnamese OEMs to make Mecc Alte brand strong after the pandemic.


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