In 2020, the world’s economic in general and the industry in particular have had many remarkable changes due to the intense outbreak of Covid-19. In general, in the generator industry, the output in Vietnam has decreased somewhat compared to the real demand, many projects have been delayed. As the Representative of Mecc Alte (ITALY) and Sices Genset Controller (ITALY) in Vietnam and Cambodia, TTTT GLOBAL has been working together to overcome the difficulties that had been in 2020, together to build new generator promotions to boost sales of Mecc Alte Alternator & Sices Generator Controller.

mecc alte - sices

Although we are also partly affected by translation, we – TTTT – still do well our mission in 2020 to focus on developing and distributing all products such as: Mecc Alte Parts, Sices Generator Controller,… at the same time, also carry out good warranty and maintenance service for customers using the products and services in Vietnam and Cambodia. TTTT’s staff are always ready and proactive in the work of satisfying customers. Mecc Alte Alternator, Sices Genset Controller are European standard products, with the ITALY brand to ensure the best quality for customers.

Reference: DSE7320

Reference: DSE8610


TTTT will offer FREE GIFT: SICES controller (made in ITALY) & MECC ALTE Charger (made in UK).


The year 2021 promises to be a potential year for the industrial equipment industry. Therefore, in order to promote market development in 2021, TTTT and MECC ALTE as well as SICES have cooperated to create a great incentive promotion for customers when buying Mecc Alte alternators, the following content:
* Free Gift: Customers who buy Mecc Alte alternator with a capacity of 180kVA or more will received 2 additional products:
– Sices genset controller model SICES GC315 (made in ITALY), warranty 5 years. (Same quality and functionality as DEEPSEA 7320 MKII)
– Mecc Alte Battery charger, model uCharge (made in UK).
*** The promotion is valid until end of 2021

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