Consumer electricity prices are one of the important issues that many people are concerned about today. With the continuous change in electricity prices, understanding information about the latest consumer electricity price list is essential to help users manage electricity costs effectively. In this article, we will learn about current consumer electricity prices, consumer electricity price in 2023 and the latest consumer electricity price list.

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Consumer electricity prices

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Definition of consumer electricity prices

TTTT Global consumer electricity prices is the price that consumers pay for using electricity in daily activities. Consumer electricity prices are calculated in units of VND/kWh (kilowatt hour) and are applied in different steps depending on the household’s electricity consumption.

Consumer electricity prices are often divided into steps, with each step having a specific price. For example, the price for 0-100 kWh could be 1,500 VND/kWh, from 101-200 kWh could be 2,000 VND/kWh, and higher than 200 kWh could be 2,500 VND/kWh.

The application of graduated consumer electricity price aims to encourage consumers to use electricity economically and effectively. Households that consume less electricity will have to pay lower prices than households that consume a lot of electricity. This also helps consumers become more aware of electricity usage and pushes them to find ways to save energy.

In addition, consumer electricity prices also include other fees such as infrastructure maintenance fees and general fees of the electricity industry to maintain the electricity supply system. All of these factors together make up the total amount consumers pay each month for electricity usage.

In total, consumer electricity prices are not simply the price paid for using electricity but also a tool to manage and encourage consumers to use electricity sustainably and effectively.

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Factors affecting consumer electricity prices

There are many factors that affect consumer electricity prices, including:

  • Input fuel prices such as coal, gas, oil to produce electricity
  • Investment, operation and maintenance costs of the electrical system
  • State policies and regulations on electricity prices
  • People’s electricity demand and economic development situation

The importance of understanding consumer electricity prices

Grasping information about consumer electricity prices helps users:

  • Manage electricity costs effectively
  • Plan reasonable electricity usage to save costs
  • Understand clearly how to calculate electricity prices and your rights when using electricity

Current consumer electricity prices

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Current consumer electricity price list

Currently, the consumer electricity price list is being applied as follows:

StepElectricity selling price (VND/kWh)
1 (0-50 kWh)1.678
2 (51-100 kWh)1.734
3 (101-200 kWh)2.014
4 (201-300 kWh)2.536
5 (301-400 kWh)2.834
6 (401 kWh up)2.927


Compare current consumer electricity prices with previous years

Current consumer electricity prices have changed compared to previous years. Specifically:

  • 2020: The average electricity price is 1,864 VND/kWh
  • 2021: Average electricity price increases to 1,905 VND/kWh
  • 2022: Average electricity price increases to 1,920 VND/kWh

Thus, consumer electricity prices have tended to increase gradually over the years.

Forecasting future consumer electricity price trends

According to experts’ forecasts, consumer electricity prices may continue to increase in the future due to the following factors:

  • The demand for electricity is increasing due to economic development and population growth
  • Input fuel prices such as coal, gas, and oil tend to increase
  • Pressure from investing, upgrading and expanding the electrical system to meet electricity demand

However, the specific level of electricity price increase will depend on the State’s price management policy and the economic situation in each period.

Consumer electricity prices 2023

Expected consumer electricity price list in 2023

As expected, the consumer electricity price list in 2023 will be adjusted compared to the current price list. Specifically:

  • Level 1 (0-50 kWh): 1,728 VND/kWh
  • Level 2 (51-100 kWh): 1,786 VND/kWh
  • Level 3 (101-200 kWh): 2,074 VND/kWh
  • Level 4 (201-300 kWh): 2,612 VND/kWh
  • Level 5 (301-400 kWh): 2,919 VND/kWh
  • Level 6 (401 kWh or more): 3,015 VND/kWh

Reasons for adjusting electricity prices in 2023

The electricity price adjustment in 2023 is made based on the following reasons:

  • Fluctuations in input fuel prices for electricity production
  • The need to invest, upgrade and expand the electricity system to meet the increasing demand for electricity
  • Pressure from implementing policies on environmental protection and renewable energy development

Impact of electricity price adjustment on consumers and the economy

Adjusting electricity prices will have certain impacts on consumers and the economy, including:

  • Increase electricity costs for households, especially those with large electricity consumption
  • Impact on production costs of businesses, especially industries that use a lot of electricity
  • Impact on consumer price index (CPI) and inflation

However, adjusting electricity prices is also necessary to ensure stability and sustainable development of the electricity industry in the long term.

How to look up and types of consumer electricity prices

Consumer electricity prices

Other types of consumer electricity prices

In addition to tiered consumer electricity prices, there are also a number of other types of consumer electricity prices, including:

  • Electricity prices for production, business and service establishments
  • Electricity prices for administrative and non-business agencies
  • Electricity price for agricultural irrigation pumps
  • Electricity prices for public lighting activities

Each type of electricity price has different prices and calculation methods depending on the users and purpose of using electricity.

How to look up consumer electricity price list

To look up the consumer electricity price list, users can:

  • Visit the website of Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) at
  • Contact the Customer Care Center of your local Electricity Company
  • Look up your monthly electricity bill

In addition, users can also use electricity price lookup applications on mobile phones to conveniently track and manage electricity costs.

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