In today’s engineering industry, the modernization of technology is a trend for all industries, so it is very necessary to have a modern electrical system. To have an electrical system for companies, factories, factories, etc., industrial electricity is indispensable. So what is industrial electricity ? Today TTTT Global will learn about industrial electricity with you.

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What is industrial electricity?

What is industrial electricity TTTT ? Industrial electricity is a branch that specializes in performing tasks such as designing and constructing power transmission systems and has requirements to ensure stable power transmission across the entire power system for companies, manufacturers and suppliers. Workshops, factories, etc. Industrial electricity must also connect the power source to the power system containing that system or industrial machines to perform different purposes.

Industrial electricity is performed by workers, tradesmen and industrial electrical engineers and the subjects must ensure proficient performance of the following industrial electrical jobs: Installation, wiring of electrical systems , transmission and signal systems, operation, inspection, repair and maintenance of electrical systems of companies, factories, factories, factories, residential areas, etc.

What does the electric industry need to know?

Where is the industrial electrical industry usually studied?

Electric industry is usually trained at different universities from north to south:

In the North, there are: Electricity University, Hanoi Polytechnic University, Hanoi University of Industry, etc.

In the Central region, there are: Vinh University of Technology and Education, Da Nang Polytechnic University, etc.

In the South, including: Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City, University of Technology and Education of Ho Chi Minh City, …

What do the electrical industry usually learn?

The industrial electrical industry is usually trained in the following knowledge:

  • Calculation, design and repair of electrical systems and must ensure optimization and energy saving.
  • Distribution of transmission power systems, consumption of lighting, security, safety and lightning protection systems for different electrical system objects.
  • Repair and operate electrical systems, generators, transformers, …

These are the basic knowledge in the industrial electrical engineer training program, but the following knowledge cannot fulfill the above requirements of electrical engineers but need more practical knowledge to be able to complete the training. fulfill the above requirements.

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What does industrial electricity do and the future of industrial electricity

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What does industrial electricity do? Industrial electricity performs the following main jobs: Wiring and installation of transmission systems, electrical systems as well as electrical signal systems, inspection, repair and maintenance of electrical systems for factories, plants and factories. company, enterprise, enterprise, office, …. However, there are other jobs such as: Sales of industrial electricity, repair of industrial electrical equipment, installation of civil electrical systems, etc.

The future of industrial electricity today will be increasingly developed as:

  • Working as a technician for businesses dealing in electrical equipment.
  • Working as a staff to maintain, repair and install electrical systems.
  • Working as an operator, maintaining and managing electrical systems for residential areas, buildings, factories, companies, etc.
  • Working in hydroelectric power plants, solar energy, thermal power plants, …
  • Consulting and installation of backup power systems such as generators Volvo Penta, battery power, etc.
  • Consulting and installation of solar power systems, renewable energy.

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