In the near future, risk of electricity shortage due to drought, high demand for electricity. So it is necessary to have generator repair service and additional backup power sources such as solar power systems, wind power, and diesel engine generator, gasoline generator,… Understanding the current situation of power shortage, the backup power system will operate with high frequency, and it is easy to have a breakdown that requires generator repair man or maintenance.

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Our experience as one of the best generator repair & service company

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TTTT generator repair and service experience

TTTT Co., Ltd specializes in providing generator assembly components such as engines, generators, battery charger and generator controllers. Besides, TTTT also provides generator repair and service. Customers are assured of the generator repair service TTTT that TTTT provides. With the motto that customers are the core of the business, we will provide the best service to help you feel secure when choosing repair or maintenance services for generators.

TTTT is well known as a  most sanctified generator repair and service company

Why should you choose TTTT when there is a need generator repair company? What good service do we have? Where is the generator service company near me? These are the questions that TTTT receives by untrustworthy customers who require a professional service provider, to ensure that the generator works stably. But with the professionalism and prestige over the years, TTTT is always satisfied every customer.

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Process of generator repair & maintenance service

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The following is the process of generator repair service from receiving customer information to solving problems for customers.

Generator repair man receives the beginning information & identifies how to fix the problem.

  • We rceive information of damage from customers via phone, email, Zalo, Facebook.
  • Discuss the problem with our engineers – generator repair man, as much as possible to have basic information to evaluate the problem and offer a solution to solve in beginning step.
  • Work more with the customer to know the actual situation at the generator location and the replacement spare parts, in order to serve the generator repair work.

Quoting generator repair cost to customers

  • With above information and needed spare parts information from the purchasing department and warehouse to build up the generator repair quotation.
  • Quotations will be listed for each items in detail such as: Manpower price and repair time, cost of replacement spare parts and delivery time of spare parts.
  • Quoting generator repair cost, wait for customer confirmation and deposit

Send generator repair man to the generator locations.

  • Conduct inspection, determine the problem, find the cause of the generator failure status.
  • Generator repair man will build up report and repair measures for customers.
  • Send information, parts warranty certificate and report to customers.
  • Carry out quick repair to put the generator into operation as soon as possible for customers.

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Procedure for generator maintenance company

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The generator maintenance company process according to the manufacturer’s recommendations:

  • Check the generator cooling system: Check the coolant level, water color, pipes, corrosion of the water tank, temperature sensor, clean the water tank…
  • Check the generator’s lubrication system: Check the oil level, dirt, leaks, oil filter, oil pressure sensor.
  • Check the fuel system: Check the tank for leaks, the condition in the tank, the alarm clock, check the water separator filter, check the oil filter.
  • Check the ventilation system, the air inlet system, the air filter.
  • Check tripod, machine base, bolt, bolt tightening force…
  • Check battery: water level, and acid level.
  • Check electrical system, insulation and coaxial structure.
  • Test protection system: voltage protection, frequency protection, water temperature protection, viscous pressure protection.
  • Carry out the operation, record the evaluation parameters of the machine’s condition, and provide damage forecasts or periodic replacement of materials.
  • Complete the work, sign the minutes of acceptance of the generator maintenance and repair service.

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