Generators are no longer distant equipment for industrial operations, with every industrial electrical system having an accompanying generator source that can be the main source and can also be the backup source for the entire system. For different types of systems, we have different controllers for generators such as generator synchronisation, ATS automatic power transfer, generator control, etc. So the company TTTT Global provides generator controller service TTTT:

  • Repair of generator controller errors.
  • Replace the generator controller with a new one.
  • Install a new controller for the generator.
  • Set parameters for generator controller.
  • Repair service of generator controller

Controllers have been installed on the generator, after a period of use, errors may appear in the system affecting the working process of the system, but the above errors may originate from the controller. control due to long-term use, can be mentioned as: faulty signal, wrong error report, incorrect signal, etc. Therefore, when using the controller, it is necessary to periodically check to be able to overcome. such errors in time do not affect the system.

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Generator controller services: Service to replace new controller for generator

When you want to upgrade your generator system or your controller is too old and outdated, you can change to another controller corresponding to your controller or upgrade to a better controller to suit your needs. compatible with the current system. With better controllers comes more functionality, better performance for the user and the system. Typically upgradeable from these controllers:

Existing controller Upgraded controllerExisting controller Upgraded controller
Sices DST4400 / GC250/ GC315GC315 Plus/ GC315 Link
GC400Sices GC400 mains/GC600/ Sices GC600 Mains
GC600GC600 Mains/ DST4602 Evolution compact
Sices ATS115Sices ATS115 Plus
MC400Sices MC200
DSE4520DSE6120/ DSE7320
DSE6120/ DSE6020DSE7320


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Generator controller services: New controller installation service for generators

When you have a generator or generator parts, you can contact us for advice on installing a controller you have or are supplied by us. When the generator in general or your entire system in particular is installed with a controller, this adds value to the system, bringing convenience to users and safety when using. Several systems are commonly used.

GC315/ GC315 Plus/ Sices GC315 Link

Sơ đồ GC 315

GC400/ Sices GC400 Mains

GC400 1

Deep Sea DSE4520 MKII

Sơ đồ đi dây chi tiết DSE4520

Deep Sea DSE7320 MKII

Sơ đồ cổng DSE 7320

Generator controller services: Statistical installation service for generator controller

When you already have a system with a controller but haven’t been parameterized to the system you need, either your controller is new or your controller is out of order with the system. We will advise and give you a solution for setting parameters for the generator controller to suit your requirements. Commonly installed controller lines:

GC315/ GC315 Plus/ GC315 Link.

GC400/ GC400 Mains.

GC600/ GC600 Mains.

DST4602 Evolution Compact.





Parameters usually set:

Deepsea Controller

Sices Controller



Output result.



Main parts.

Current main sections.




Maintenance alarm.

Algebraic configuration.






Functional Accessory.




Reference: ATS switch cabinet services from TTTT 

Reference: Reasons of generator runs but no power

Service of repair, replacement, installation and parameter setting of generator controller TTTT Global

TTTT Global provides repair, replacement, installation and installation services for generator controllers with the best, fast and convenient service at reasonable prices according to user requirements. There are also many other services related to generators such as: generator repair, generator and controller maintenance service, …

SICES - Gen-set controller distributor

TTTT Global specializes in providing:

  • Volvo Penta engines and spare parts.
  • Generators, spare parts, accessories Mecc Alte.
  • Generator Sices controller, accessories, relay Sices.
  • Deepsea controller.
  • Mecc Alte charging circuit.
  • TTTT Global is pleased to cooperate and serve you.


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