Currently, batteries on the market are very diverse in type and capacity, each type can be used for different applications. Currently, the most used types of batteries are: LiFePo4 Lithium battery, Lead-acid battery, alkaline batteries, …. The above types of batteries are usually backup, starter, telecommunications, etc.

So sánh Ắc quy Lithium và Ắc quy Axit chì

Structure, Working principle, advantages and disadvantages of Lithium battery

Lithium battery structure

Lithium battery TTTT (Li-ion batteries, Lithium-ion batteries) use electrodes made from compounds with a layered crystal structure. When the battery is in the state of charging and discharging, Li ions will penetrate, filling these layers. This is the chemical reaction that takes place to fully charge a lithium battery.

The cathode of a lithium battery is made of graphite, and the anode is made of metal oxide and Li compounds (such as LiFePo4, LiMnO2, LiCoO2, …)

Working principle of LiFePo4 Lithium battery

LiFePo4 Lithium battery are divided into two types of operation: charging and discharging:

Charging process: In this process, Li ions will move from the anode (LiFePo4, LiMnO2, LiCoO2, …) to the cathode of the graphite battery.

Discharge process: In this process, Li ions will move from the negative terminal of the battery with graphite to the anode (LiFeO2, LiMnO2, LiCoO2, …).

Advantages and disadvantages of Lithium battery


  • The battery has a high voltage rating.
  • Lithium ion batteries have a high energy capacity.
  • Average life is much longer than other batteries up to 3 times.
  • Safe and non-polluting.
  • Fast charging speed and energy efficiency.
  • Lighter weight.


  • The cost is higher than other types of batteries.

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Structure, Working principle, advantages and disadvantages of Lead-acid battery


Structure of lead-acid battery

Lead-acid battery consist of flat-structured lead plates and lead oxide made of lead antimony alloys with charged chemical particles immersed in a solution of sulfuric acid. The inside of the battery consists of lead plates and lead oxide in a solution of sulfuric acid. These plates usually have a flat, flat, grid-shaped structure, made of lead antimony alloy stuffed with charged activators. These chemicals when fully charged are dioxide only at the anode and pure lead at the cathode, the electrodes are connected by lead rods, the cathode plate is connected to the cathode, the anode plate is connected to positive pole.

Working principle of Lead-acid battery

The principle of operation of a lead-acid battery is the displacement of electrons to charge and discharge energy.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lead-acid battery


  • Lead acid batteries are very cheap and simple to use.
  • If used properly, it can last a long time.
  • High power reserve.


  • The working environment is limited.
  • Life expectancy is not high.
  • Use is not safe if the technique is wrong.
  • Easy to pollute the environment.
  • Regular maintenance is required.
  • Charging speed is long and not energy efficient.

Feature, performance and price compare between Lithium battery and lead-acid battery


Lithium BatteryLead-acid battery




LongevityMore than 3000 cycles

Between 1000 cycles



Low Safe

Protect the environmentProtect the environment

Environmental pollution



Charging speed



Battery charger priceExpensive


Which battery charger can work well for both Lithium and Lead-acid battery ?

Mecc Alte battery charger is the most popular and quality charger on the market with made in Italy with the famous Italian brand Mecc Alte with different types and brands with warranty up to 1 year. Mecc Alte battery chargers are often used to charge many different types of batteries and are often used for many different applications. The Mecc Alte generator battery charger has the following advantages:

  • Fast charging speed for battery.
  • Save time.
  • Long service life.
  • Can be used continuously during system operating time.
  • High durability meets European standards.
  • Prices are very reasonable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to observe voltage and related parameters.
  • Compact, design suitable for many systems.
  • MECC ALTE is an Italian brand, so all European standards and requirements are fully guaranteed.

There is also a status light on the charger:

So sánh Bộ sạc ắc quy Mecc Alte và bộ sạc Deepsea

  • The light is only green: Charging is normal.
  • Green light then red 1Hz frequency: DC output is faulty.
  • Red light 10Hz on and off: AC output is faulty or charging is faulty.
  • Red light 0.1s: The battery has been disconnected.
  • Green light then red frequency 5Hz: In calibration mode.
  • Red light 0.5s: Over temperature.


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