Currently, the popular and well-known power unit is kw, this unit is used to calculate the active power in electric energy and is charged for electricity used in 1 month. However, not many people know how to convert this unit to other units to be able to calculate volts, amperes or hp to be able to calculate the parameters according to the device requirements. So TTTT will guide you how to convert from 1kw equals how many hp and other units.

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What are the units of kw, watt, hp, volt, ampere, horsepower, btu ?

  • The most common unit of electricity bill today is kw, which is the unit for calculating the effective capacity of electricity when in use. Also with that is the unit w (watt) which is a unit smaller than kw also used to calculate electrical power.
  • The unit hp, also known as horsepower, is a unit of power that compares electrical power and horse pulling power.
  • The volt unit is just the head voltage, the current will usually be 220V or 380V regardless of the wattage. Ampere is a unit that represents current, depending on the needs of use, the current can be small or large.
  • Btu is the face unit of cooling capacity commonly used for air conditioners or refrigerators.

How to convert 1 kw by how many hp, w, volts, amps, horsepower, btu ?

1kw equals how many hp, w, kva, horsepower ?

To convert from 1kw equals how many hp TTTT we base the conversion unit as follows:

1kw = 1,341 hp (this is an approximate value)

Unit kw

Unit hp

1 kw equals how many hp

1,341 hp
2 kw equals how many hp

2,682 hp

3 kw equals how many hp

4,024 hp
4 kw equals how many hp

5,365 hp

5 kw equals how many hp

6,706 hp

1 kw equals how many horsepower is similar to hp because hp is a single unit for horsepower.

Convert from 1 kw is equal how many watt you can convert is: 1 kw = 1000 w

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Unit kw

Unit watt
1 kw is equal how many watt


kw equals how many w

2kw equals how many w


2.2 kw equals how many w

3kw equals how many w


4kw equals how many w

5kw equals how many w


10kw equals how many w

15kw equals how many w


50kw equals how many w

100kw equals how many w


And to convert from 1 kw equals how many kva you need the coefficient of the formula and calculated as kw = kva x power factor to be able to calculate from kw to kva. (power factor is usually calculated as 0.8) and vice versa when switching from kva = kw / power factor.

For example: On the alternator is written 250kva equals how many kw = 250 x 0.8 = 200kw

1 kw equals how many volts, amps, btu ?

1 kw equals how many volts? is the question asked by many people however the kw wattage has no effect on the volts of the device. The common voltage in Vietnam is 220V and 380V is not affected by capacity.

1 kw equals how many amps? is also of great interest to many people, with a voltage of 220V, 1kw = 220V x 0.8 x 5.682 A (with a power factor of 0.8). As for the voltage equal to 380V, 1kw = 380V x 0.8 x 3.289 A (with a power factor of 0.8).

For the unit btu, which is the power unit in refrigeration, 1 kw equals how many btu? is also the question of many people with 1kw will be close to 12069 btu. 1kw of cold equal to how many kw of electricity? also calculated as 1000 btu equals about 0.083 kw.

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Convert from watts (w) to kw

As mentioned 1kw = 1000w and 1000w = 1kw so to convert from w to kw we have: 1w = 0.001 kw

Unit w

Unit kw
40w equals how many kw


60w equals how many kw

75w equals how many kw


100w equals how many kw

200w equals how many kw


400w equals how many kw

1000w equals how many kw


2000w equals how many kw

3000w equals how many kw


1kw equals how much electricity, 1kw equals how much money

To be able to calculate your electricity bill, you need to know how much electricity you have used and the number displayed on the meter is the number of kilowatts you have used, answer the question 1kw equals how much electricity? then 1kw is equal to 1 amount of electricity you use.

So how much is 1kw, you calculate according to the following table:

Stairs use electricity

Unit price (VND/kwh)Output (kwh)











Your electricity bill is calculated by the unit price multiplied by the output, for example, if you use 180kwh of electricity, the amount you have to pay is as follows:

Unit price (VND/kwh)

Output (kwh)Total (VND)
1.67850 kwh

83.900 VNĐ


50 kwh86.700 VNĐ
2.01480 kwh

161.120 VNĐ


331.720 VNĐ

You use 180kwh to be the first 500kwh for tier 1, the next 50kwh for tier 2 and the remaining 80kwh for tier 3 so you will have to pay = (1678 x 50 + 1734 x 50 +2014 x 80) = 331,720 VND + 10 % VAT = 364,892 VND

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