Sices Controller is a brand with great potential and is being promoted in the Vietnam market by competitive price, quality, and origin standard EU (Italy) and long-term warranty (3 – 5 years). In 2023, the representative of Sices in Italy paid a visit to TTTT in Vietnam to discuss and plan many market strategies in the near future. Here is one typical piece of news from the meeting between Mecc Alte, Sices and TTTT invite you to read it.


Main information in the annual meeting between Mecc Alte, Sices and TTTT

Background of the meeting between Sices and TTTT

The meeting between the two partners Sices and TTTT is an important opportunity for the parties to discuss and make important decisions related to business activities. This meeting can take place to discuss issues related to cooperation, negotiate new agreements, check project progress, or evaluate the effectiveness of doing business in the Vietnamese market.

The general situation of the controller market in Vietnam

Currently, the market situation for Controllers in the generator industry is decreasing in demand compared to previous years. In addition, the issue of competition level has also become more intense both in terms of price and number of brands. Therefore, in order to promote the brand, it is necessary to develop cooperation and proper market analysis between Mecc Alte, Sices, and TTTT.

Important points in the meeting

During this meeting, Sices presents information about its new product, service, or plan. We discussed the goals, relevance, and potential of the proposed proposals or solutions for the coming future. Through these exchanges, agreements can be reached and concrete plans can be proposed to move towards closer cooperation. Meeting important opportunity to identify and promote cooperation and development in expanding business relations between the parties.

A detailed introduction and some basic exchange about Sices DST4602 Evolution

At this meeting, Sices brought along the control emulator Sices DST4602 Evolution Compact, which is a modern controller and integrates most features of Sices for monitoring and synchronous control of generators. In addition, in the near future, Sices will launch the DST4603, which is an extremely modern version researched and integrated by Sices with digital features into the controller to help manage devices optimally.


In the process of communicating about cooperation, Sices proposed to conduct many online or offline support calls for customers using synchronous products from Sices. We will provide maximum support for customer-friendly.

The goal of Sices is to focus on telecommunications projects that need stability in controlling interaction between users and devices. In addition, the long-term warranty will ensure users peace of mind in the event of an accident.

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