Mecc Alte is a familiar brand name to all customers in power generation application in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. This is a high quality alternator brand, with stable performance, durability, and support service as well as long-term warranty, which has created great confidence in the hearts of users. Because of this popularity, other cheap alternator manufacturers inevitably copy products or falsify labels into Mecc Alte to supply to end customers. In the following article, TTTT will analyze a few points about the fake Mecc Alte alternator that is available in the market.

Signs to identify cheap alternator or copy when buying Mecc Alte alternator

Origin, quality, product verification documents of Mecc Alte

Mecc Alte alternator has a total of 4 publicly announced provenances in the world, including: Italy, the UK, India and China, and each product has equivalent quality standards and is fully certified. from product verification such as: CO (Certificate of Origin), CQ (Product Quality Certification), Test report, Packing list,. ..all documents are clearly certified by the commodity regulator. Customers who have demand for the product can ask the supplier to send these documents for inspection.

Genuine anti-counterfeiting label stamps Mecc Alte

On every genuine Mecc Alte product there is a 3D printed anti-tamper stamp researched and designed by Mecc Alte’s engineers. On the label showing the specifications of the player, in addition, there is a QR code for verification, with the product serial number as well as the product’s origin announced by Mecc Alte. It is important that the transmitter label contains only one design, the rest of the designs are all fake.

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Check on the Mecc Alte system for product information

Every Mecc Alte product has serial number on label and voucher, this serial number can be checked directly on Mecc Alte’s website, all genuine Mecc Alte products are posted directly on the Mecc’s support page. Alte for customers to easily track and verify and avoid copy and cheap alternator TTTT. This is a commodity information management system integrated by Mecc Alte to easily control to avoid counterfeiting in the market.

Contact the Authorized Official Representative of Mecc Alte for assistance

In Vietnam, the Official Authorized Representative of Mecc Alte is TTTT Global Co., Ltd., we supply Mecc Alte’s products and are responsible for providing warranty, maintenance, and maintenance services throughout. use by customers. TTTT always has original Italian spare parts available to Mecc Alte to assist customers immediately upon replacement or repair request. In addition, There are many cheap alternator near me (you),  we will assist customers in verifying the authenticity of Mecc Alte products and helping customers to buy the right goods with the right quality.

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