When using the battery for a long time, there will be some damage such as the battery is not charging … if we know how to handle it, the damage will be minimized. Below are the common battery damage that we have listed for you, along with how to fix each case:


Battery is not charging caused by battery electrolyte is low compared to standard

  • Cause battery low electrolyte: No regular maintenance during use cause battery is not charging TTTT.
  • How to prevent battery low electrolyte: periodic maintenance for the battery when used for a long time.
  • Remedy of battery low electrolyte: Add distilled water (support maintenance). Note: Only distilled water can be added, do not use other types of water.

Reduced tank capacity causes battery doesn’t charge

  • Reason of battery doesn’t charge: In the process of using no maintenance or improper maintenance; wrong propose
  • Battery doesn’t charge Prevention : It is recommended to use the correct type of flask required and use it for the right purpose; regular maintenance
  • Battery doesn’t charge treatment:
    – Replace the acid with filtered water, or distilled water, then recharge it until it boils evenly
    – Replace water with acid 1.25 and recharge to full
    – If not, the product should be replaced

The phenomenon of battery sulfation & how to fix battery charger

  • Reason of battery sulfation:
    – The generator battery charger is used up but not recharged
    – Incorrect charging mode, not enough required capacity or many times of insufficient capacity, leading to more and more sulfate accumulation
    – The device feeder is not working properly
    – The wiring system of the short-circuit device causes self-discharge of the battery source
  • Replenish with sulfuric acid solution (instead of distilled water)
  • Phenomena of battery sulfation:
    – The use time is shorter than usual.
    – Weak starting or not starting, charging does not enter
    – When charging: normally, voltage and density gradually increase during charging, and remain stable after charging. However, there are cases where multiple rapid charge and discharge cycles are required to correct the sulfate status.
  • How to fix battery charger: Need to recharge periodically (at most every three months) according to the required charging mode.

The phenomenon of battery reverse polarity

  • Cause battery reverse polarity: The battery is connected to the opposite polarity during use or when charging.
  • Voltage:  not normal, voltage < 12V depending on the level of charging reverse polarity, or just reverse normal.
  • Electrolyte density:  quite uniform between compartments.
  • Phenomenon of battery reverse polarity:  The color of the two types of polar leaves is quite similar.
  • Remedy of battery reverse polarity:  Resilience depends on the level of reverse charge. Typically, several rapid charge and discharge cycles must be carried out with distilled water.

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How to fix battery that won’t charge caused by short battery phenomenon

  • Cause of short battery: One battery compartment short circuited (cathode and anode touching inside the battery)
    – Voltage: for every battery cell is touched, the battery loses about 2.1V.
    – Electrolyte density: uneven between compartments, and the touched compartment has a lower density.
  • Phenomena of short battery
    – At startup:
    + Strong boiling in the touched compartment due to water analysis at the touch point (the remaining compartments have no or very little boiling)
    + Battery voltage drops very quickly when discharging
    – When charging:
    + Do not boil in the touched compartment due to direct conduction (the remaining compartments boil evenly)
    + Battery voltage decreases gradually after charging
  • How to fix battery that won’t charge : You can rinse several times, by putting distilled water in the tank and rinsing vigorously, recharge and check again. Resilience depends on the extent or form of the short battery.

Battery explosion

  • Cause of short battery:  Due to short battery, or due to poor contact with the device; due to clogged button vents when charging or sparks.
  • Short battery prevention :  Check and clean the wires connected to the device. When loading additional should open the buttons. Avoid short battery during disassembly and maintenance. Do not leave the bottle near places with sparks.
  • How to handle short battery: Replace with new 
  • In case the battery is damaged and you have to buy a new battery, we recommend that you choose genuine batteries such as: Troy, GS, … Instead of choosing batteries of unknown origin and poor quality, sold widely at cheap prices. Because such batteries are unlikely to be genuine, or have been used and recycled, battery failure or failure to charge will occur.

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