In the current industrialization and modernization era, the application of science and technology to life and production. These applications mostly need to use automation systems, so what is automation ? And why automation systems are commonly used today. Today TTTT Global will also learn what automation is and basic information about automation system.

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What is automation ?

What is automation TTTT ? Automation, also known as automatic control, represents technologies that reduce human intervention in processes. Automation is also considered as human intervention that is minimized by predefining the above decision and process criteria based on the relationship between man and machine.

Automation includes the use of various control systems to operate equipment such as automated machinery, plant operating procedures, heat treatment furnaces and boilers, switching telecommunication systems, etc. Traffic, driving, autonomous ships and other applications and vehicles with human intervention and can be adjusted automatically.

Automation systems

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Nowadays, there are many automation system, but they are often summarized in the following ways: Intermittent (on/off) controller, PID controller,…

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Interrupt controller

One of the simplest controllers is the on/off controller. For example, to control household appliances in the home, automation plays the role of controlling lights, air conditioners, televisions, etc. through switches and relays. Automator control, in which a programmed sequence of separate operations is performed, is usually based on system logic.

The advanced type of automation, revolutionizing manufacturing, aircraft, telecommunications systems and various industries is feedback control.

PID controller

This is an automation system operating on a loop mechanism, commonly used mainly in industrial and conveyor systems. The PID controller is based on the analysis and evaluation of the previous runs of the loop to give the running results for other loops in the most optimized way for the system to save time and resources. and set the best performance result.

PID adjusts the system error in the best way to minimize the error in the system. PID usually uses system-specific tuning algorithms, and those parameters must belong to system-specific parameters.

Sequence controller and logic sequence controller

The sequence controller can execute a logically fixed sequence of instructions and output results based on the installed algorithm. Through the various system controls, it is possible to determine the scale for the operation of the system. Sequential controllers are quite commonly used.

The basic applications are usually: Elevator systems, factory relay systems, automatic door systems, volvo penta engine control systems, electric lock systems, etc.

Controller using PC

A computer is a device that can perform two functions, both for direct control and automation, and for continuous control and feedback monitoring. A PLC logic controller is a device that can be used for automation and for use with a computer. In addition, PLC also has automatic functions such as automatic control of other types.

An example for a computer controller is an automated teller machine that interacts directly with the user through the system’s automated processor and the bank’s database to take action based on the customer’s request. client.

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