Rated power is the power recorded on the device in Watt (W). The rated power of the power tools is the capacity used to calculate the amount of electricity used by customers, kwh is the unit of work or power and the most interested is the powers output rated powers of the device kW. In addition, to know the rated capacity, people often use amperage, voltage and powers factor.

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What is the rated power? What is the rated capacity?

Rated power TTTT is the amount of powers consumed by electrical equipment during normal operation. For each electrical tool and equipment, when used and operated with a rated voltage recorded on the parameter, the powers consumption is equal to the rated powers recorded on that device or tool.

What is the rated capacity? Also of interest to many people, the nominal powers is the rated powers of the device. A device that produces a lot of work or works hard will consume more powers, and conversely, a device or tool with less work or weak operation will consume less energy. The rated powers shown on the product information is only the powers tested in the standard environment, when used for a long time or in other special environments, the capacity may change according to the operation pattern. of tools and equipment.

What is the rated power of power tools and what is the unit of rated power?

What is the rated power of the power tools?

The rated power of power tools is the powers indicated on the label or technical documents, common appliances with capacity such as:

Device name

Capacity approx

From 20W to 100W


From 10W to 200W

From 100W to 200W

Electric cooker

From 300W to 1kW
Air conditioners

From 1kW to 2kW


From 300W to 1kW
Washing Machine

From 500W to 800W


From 100W to 500W

Electric stove

From 1kW to 3kW


From 100W to 500W

Drilling machine

From 500W to 1kW

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What is the unit of rated power?

The unit of active power is Watt (W) which is the standard unit of active power and is also converted into units such as:


From W to mW

1W = 1000 mW

From kW to W

1kW = 1000 W
From MW to kW

1MW = 1000 kW

From MW to W

1MW = 1000000 W

What is the rated power symbol? Is kwh a unit of work or power?

Công suất tác dụng P

What is the rated power symbol? Rated powers is denoted by P and is calculated as the product of voltage, amperage and powers factor and is usually expressed in kW for large appliances and W for small appliances. used by civil.

Kwh is the unit of work or power? kwh is the unit of power which is understood as the active power of the equipment, the tool within one hour is calculated by the current power P multiplied by the operating time of the equipment, the tool is calculated in hours.

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