Current electrical equipment on the label has a type of power used on it, this type of power is called apparent power. This apparent power is also known as the full power expressed in electrical engineering and is also known as the power representing the power supply of the power source. So what  is apparent power and apparent power KVA? Let find through this article.

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What is apparent power? What is kVA capacity?

What is apparent power? The apparent power also known as full power is used in electrical engineering to represent the total power supply from the mains in alternating current as the sum of active and reactive power. resistance.

The apparent power TTTT is also calculated as the product of the current (I) and the voltage (U) in the circuit. For each case there are different calculation methods.

What is kVA capacity? kVA stands for kilovolt ampere, which represents the total power, which is the apparent power or is also used in units of VA (Voltage Ampere).

How to calculate apparent power kva and units of apparent power

How to calculate apparent power kva

The apparent power kva is most simply calculated as the amperage (I) times the voltage difference (U) of the circuit. However, there are still ways to calculate such as:

  • The apparent power is equal to the active power divided by cos Phi (S = P/ cos Phi).
  • The apparent power is equal to the reactive power divided by the sine Phi (S = Q/sin Phi).
  • The apparent power is equal to the root of the squared active power plus the squared reactive power.

These are the simplest calculations of apparent power.

Unit of apparent power

The apparent power unit is VA, which is derived from 2 units, A (ampere) of amperage (I) and V (volt) of voltage (U), but now there are many variations. like:

  • 1VA = 1000mVA
  • 1kVA = 1000VA
  • 1MVA = 1000kVA

The apparent power is also expressed as S = P + iQ.

Reference: What is reactive power? Unit of reactive power.

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Applications of apparent power

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Currently, most devices are displayed as apparent power, when using electricity we also often use apparent power to calculate, especially in industry, most of them use the apparent power. S. However, in industry to make the best use of this power, it is common to increase the power factor cos Phi to increase the conversion from apparent power S to active power P to minimize damage is converted into reactive power Q. The higher the power factor, the closer the active power is from the apparent power S to the active power P until in the ideal condition cos Phi equals 1 the power The apparent power S and the active power P are equal.

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