Currently, MCB is no longer a strange device in every family and in industry, every home is equipped with MCB equipment to protect human safety as well as avoid bad cases affecting equipment in the system. electrical system. However, MCB also has many different types, so depending on the case, choose the type of MCB that is suitable for the needs of the user. Let’s find out what MCB is as well as what MCB stands for.


What is MCB device?

What is MCB? MCB is considered an automatic protection device and is installed at the end of the line for the purpose of protecting people and equipment from bad electrical conditions such as current overload or short circuit in the power system. MCB in the way people call it is also known as clove CB, automatic circuit breaker, aptomat, etc.

What device is MCB? MCB is a device that will operate when there are cases in the electrical circuit after the MCB protection such as short circuit or overload so that the MCB can work to disconnect that circuit from the power source to prevent the current flowing through and causing loss of power. such cases of short circuit and overload to ensure safety for people and equipment.

In addition, MCB TTTT is also installed in equipment with large capacity and high value, in order to ensure the best safety for such equipment during operation and use. However, the MCB cannot completely protect the equipment or the electrical system after it because it has a certain tolerance level, if this level is exceeded, both the system and the MCB will be damaged.

What is MCB in electrical circuit and how to choose MCB

What is MCB in electrical circuit? The MCB in the circuit is the protective MCB for the following part of the circuit, so the MCB must be selected appropriately to protect the entire circuit in the best way, the MCB is usually selected in the following ways:

Select by current in the circuit: Calculate the maximum amperage (I) in the circuit that can be placed and choose a slightly larger MCB than that amperage.

Select according to the conductor of the circuit: When choosing the conductor, we have calculated the maximum amperage (I) of the circuit to choose and we follow that to choose the MCB according to the conductor according to the formula for the size of the conductor. Multiplying by 6 will get the maximum amperage the conductor can withstand, but choose a slightly larger MCB.

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Types of MCB and MCB stands for what?

Cấu tạo MCB

There are many types of MCBs based on amperage (I) such as 12A, 16A, 20A, 32A, 64A,…. And based on voltages such as 220V, 400V, etc., depending on the application of the system and voltage parameters, plus the calculated amperage, select the appropriate MCB for that circuit or system. If the MCB is selected appropriately, the system and the new circuit will work best.

What does MCB stand for? MCB stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker which means miniature circuit breaker.

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