In order to have electricity for every home use today, we have a grid system from the North to the South with many different types of power lines to supply different needs on the power system. The voltage levels on the power grid are all very dangerous to approach, but there are voltage levels that are safe for users. The transmission grid has voltage levels from 500kV to 220V, depending on the needs of that area. Let’s find out what the rated voltage is and phase voltage is the voltage measured between.

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What transmission grid with voltage levels have?

The transmission grid with voltage levels  as low voltage, medium voltage, high voltage and super high voltage. The voltage levels are distributed along the lines and are connected to each other through substations to ensure the correct voltage level is used in different areas such as industrial parks, residential areas, factory stations, etc. households, etc. The voltage levels are classified as follows:

Hiệu điện thế

  • Low voltage TTTT level is the lowest voltage level below 1000V (1kV) which is the voltage level we are using 220V and 380V.
  • Medium voltage level is the voltage level from 1kV to less than 35kV.
  • High voltage level is the voltage level from 35kV to less than 220kV.
  • The super high voltage level is the voltage level from 220kV or more.

What is voltage? What is the rated voltage? Phase voltage is the measured voltage between what?

What is voltage? What is the rated voltage?

What is voltage? Voltage is the difference in potential between two potential-carrying terminals of a power source, voltage also known as potential difference is calculated by the difference of potential between two points of charge. The voltage can represent the power source of that power source. The voltage is measured with a voltmeter.

What is the rated voltage? Rated voltage is the supply voltage for a system, equipment, or tool to operate continuously in the best way, usually the system, equipment,tools, Generator controller will display voltage (potential difference) on the device. label the device so that the user can supply the device with the appropriate voltage for it.

What is the line voltage? Phase voltage is the measured voltage between what?

What is line voltage? Line voltage is the voltage between the wires on a power line consisting of wires A, B and C. Line voltage is usually measured by two-wire measurements such as wire A and wire B, wire B and C or wire A and wire measurement. C.

Line voltage is usually measured at the low voltage class of 380 V and is also calculated as the square root of the phase voltage.

Phase voltage is the voltage measured between a phase conductor (A, B, C) and the neutral conductor (N). Phase voltage is measured with two-wire gauges such as A and N, B and N, C and N.

The phase voltage is usually measured at the low voltage level of 220 V and is also calculated as the phase voltage divided by 3.

What is the formula for calculating voltage and symbol voltage?

Điện áp

What is the symbol voltage? Current voltage (potential difference) is denoted by U with the unit is V (volt).

The formula for calculating voltage is the formula for calculating the voltage in an electrical circuit or in a certain device. To calculate the voltage of a circuit equal to the potential of the first point minus the voltage of the second point and usually the voltage is positive and has the direction of current flowing from the place of high potential to the place of low voltage.

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What is the safe voltage for electricity users? What is the highest voltage level in our country?

Our country provides the highest voltage of 500kVA which is the national power line from North to South. This power line is the main power line for the entire power system across our country through substations to lower the voltage to suit the needs of users. Using a 500kVA power line for the wrong purpose when transmitting voltage over long distances will minimize losses on the power line.

The safe voltage for users is the voltage when human contact is not affected much, with AC voltage is 50V in dry environment and 25V in wet environment, with DC voltage in environment 80V in dry environment and 50V in wet environment.

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