The energy generated from work can be converted into many different forms of energy as in power it is divided into three different forms of power: active power, apparent power and reactive power. In which, reactive power is the least known form of power but is commonly used in industry for power compensation and many other applications, while in civil, reactive power is not well known and almost unused. Let’s learn about reactive power formula and reactive power unit with TTTT and what does reactive power do.

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What is reactive power and what is the formula for reactive power?

What is reactive power?

What is reactive power? Reactive power is a form of phantom power used to control the part of electrical power that is transferred back to the power source in each cycle due to the storage of energy from the inductor and capacitive and is generated. by the phase difference between voltage and current.

Reactive power TTTT is an important part of creating the magnetic field during the starting process, if there is no reactive power, it is possible to start the inductive loads. Reactive power is also said to be the unworked power generated in the reactive part of an AC circuit.

What is the formula for reactive power?

The formula for reactive power is calculated as follows:

  • Product of voltage (U), current (I) and Sin Phi.
  • Product of apparent power (S) and Sin Phi.
  • Product of active power (P) and Tan Phi.

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Units and symbols of reactive power

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Reactive power is the form of unworked power and the symbol for reactive power is Q. With is calculated as:

  • Q = U.I.cos Phi
  • Q = S.sin Phi
  • Q = P.tan Phi

The reactive power unit is VAr or kVAr which stands for Volt Amperes Reactive, with 1kVAr equivalent to 1000VAr and 1MVAr equivalent to 1000kVAr.

Why should reactive power compensation and reactive power have any effect?

Why compensate reactive power? Reactive power is power without work, so it affects economics and technology. When using on the grid, we will have to pay for the reactive power generated and consumed even though it has no benefit during the operation of the system, but the reactive power Q also reduces the voltage. on power lines affect the transmission of electricity.

So what does reactive power do? Reactive power is generated in vain, but it is of great value to the device in the energy conversion process. Reactive power is the magnetic component that turns out to be a magnetic field in the process of converting energy to electricity or from electrical energy to another energy source.

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