Each family when using electricity on the grid, unit of power has an electricity meter to measure the amount of electricity consumed by the family in the past time. For each electrical device, a different amount of energy is required to provide it with the operation set forth by the manufacturer so that the electrical equipment can operate at its best condition, over time this amount of energy can be change due to internal or external factors. So power capacity indicates how much electricity that device consumes in a certain time.

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What does Power capacity indicates?

Power capacity indicates TTTT of an electrical device, of an electrical circuit or of an electrical system is the amount of electricity consumed by that electrical device, circuit or electrical system in a unit of time for that equipment to operate ( Usually the unit of time is hours). In other words the capacity of an electrical object is the amount of electrical energy that object consumes to operate in one hour.

Electrical capacity indicates the amount of electricity used in a period of time, and is calculated by the voltage difference between the supply circuit’s end (V) times the amperage (A) flowing through the circuit and the coefficient power (cos Phi) to calculate the electrical power (P).

Power consumption and units of power

Power consumption

Consumption power is the capacity of equipment, electrical circuits or electrical systems used to operate and including the total loss during transportation and energy conversion, which is calculated as the power consumed by the equipment or circuits. or the whole system.

This amount of energy consumption can be converted into mechanical energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, etc. All of the above forms of energy can be converted from electricity but will be affected by many causes of energy loss.

Unit of power

Currently the unit of power is calculated by the above 3 units:

  • Active power (P) is the power used to calculate electricity bills, the unit of active power is W (Watt) or kW.
  • Reactive power (Q) is the unused power in civil, the unit of reactive power is VAr or kVAr.
  • The apparent power (S) is the power usually stated on electrical equipment, alternator the unit of apparent power is VA or kVA.

Calculate power and power factor

Calculate the pre-electric power as the active power P = U.I.cos Phi

  • Where P is the active power (W)
  • U is the current applied to the device (V)
  • I is the current flowing through the device (A)
  • Cos Phi is the power factor of the system.

Cos phi power factor is calculated as Cos Phi = R / Z

  • Where Cos Phi is the power factor
  • R is the resistance of the circuit
  • Z is the total impedance of the circuit based on 3 elements R, L and C to calculate R, RL and RC.

Reference: The working principle and use of the resistor is.

Reference: The operating mechanism of Vietnam’s thermal power plants today.

Calculate electricity according to capacity and power loss on power transmission lines

Công tơ điện

To calculate the electricity bill according to the capacity, it is usually necessary to calculate the power used in that month and multiply the value of 1kW on the amount of electricity regulated by Vietnam Electricity Joint Stock Company. The more electricity used, the higher the amount calculated by the ladder will be according to levels of 50 kWh, 50kWh, 100kWh, 100kWh, 100kWh and more than 400kWh for the amounts 1678d, 1734d, 2014d, 2536d, 2834d, 2927d .

Lossed capacity on a power transmission line is the power lost and wasted on a power line when transferring loads to electrical equipment, circuits or electrical systems, but currently in civil electricity from meters to non-electrical devices. So long, so the losses on the load line are not significant, so the current high voltage transmission lines have losses on the power lines.

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