Popular AVR circuit, also known as voltage regulator, voltage regulator circuit is a necessary component of the generator to help the system operate with a more stable voltage during the operation of the generator. the entire generator system in particular. Currently on the market there are many types of commonly used AVR circuits from genuine to fake, poor quality, the following article will show customers the common AVR circuits such as: Mecc Alte, Leroy Somer AVR and Stamford AVR.


Top popular Mecc Alte AVR circuit – Italy origin

The Mecc Alte AVR circuit is a popular spare part of the Mecc Alte generator with a variety of types with different capacities from 5kAV to more than 2000kVA. Accordingly, there are many types of AVR suitable for customers to choose from with Italian origin, so the quality is very good. Quality is unquestionable.

Common AVR circuit Mecc Alte include the following main types:

  • DER1 AVR is used for transmitters with a capacity of 400kVA or more.
  • AVR DSR is used for transmitters with a capacity of less than 400kVA.
  • UVR6 AVR used for old Mecc Alte players and was replaced by DER1.
  • AVR SR7 used for old generators replaced by DSR.


Top popular Stamford AVR with UK made for generator

The AVR Stamford alternator is a dedicated AVR circuit for the Stamford alternator, Stamford’s AVR has many types for many different generator models.

Common Stamford AVR circuits include:

  • Stamford AVR SX460
  • Stamford AVR SX440
  • Stamford AVR SX421
  • Stamford AVR MX342
  • Stamford AVR MX341
  • Stamford AVR MX321
  • Stamford AVR AS440
  • Stamford AVR AS480

Top Leroy Somer Auto Voltage Regulator AVR in use with French origin

The Leroy Somer auto voltage regulator AVR circuit is also a spare part that is no stranger to everyone using Leroy Somer generators, with French-made spare parts, so it is trusted by many customers.

Common Leroy Somer AVR circuit include:

  • Leroy Somer AVR R230
  • Leroy Somer AVR R250
  • Leroy Somer AVR R438
  • Leroy Somer AVR R448
  • Leroy Somer AVR R449
  • Leroy Somer AVR R450
  • Leroy Somer AVR R452
  • Leroy Somer AVR DC510C

Top common counterfeit or poor quality AVR on the market

Currently on the market there are a lot of cheap AVR circuit spare parts, poor quality, not the supplier of the goods, but made in China with poor quality components or damaged AVR circuits. repair and replace with floating components on the market that are not certified for quality. Below are comparison of copy AVR (left) and original Mecc Alte AVR (right) for you to compare:


If customers use these AVRs, it will adversely affect the generator in particular and the entire generator system in general. These adverse effects can be damage to the alternator, making the output voltage not according to the customer’s requirements, the most important thing is that when the generator has a problem, it will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty because you have use poor quality AVR circuit.

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How to buy genuine AVR circuit

To avoid buying poor quality AVR circuits, you should choose the company’s representative stores or stores that provide full CO and CQ documents to be able to prove the quality and origin of the product. Products. The price of the genuine AVR is also the difference compared to the fake, you should consider when choosing the AVR circuit when the price is not right compared to the genuine one.

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