Generator fuel consumption is the most important cost of using generator. That is the reason why Volvo Penta has been spending a lot of time and manpower to develop the product focusing in reducing fuel consumption. Therefore, Volvo Penta engine is on of the lowest fuel consumption engine in the world.

Volvo Penta D16, the highest power range – Source: Volvo Penta

General information about Volvo Penta diesel fuel consumption

Volvo Penta engine is starting production of its most powerful versatile engine yet, the new Stage V/Tier 4F D16. The new 16-liter engine delivers a range of industry leading benefits including a reduction of up to 10% in fuel consumption, low to high-end torque and high-altitude performance.

Volvo Penta is launching its new Stage V/Tier 4F certified Volvo Penta D16 off road engine off-road engine, which boasts industry leading fuel efficiency, low to high-end torque and high-altitude performance. It’s the company’s most powerful versatile engine to date and has been designed to meet the needs of customers working in a range of demanding environments, such as mining, agriculture, construction, forestry and special applications. Special thing, generator fuel consumption TTTT – Volvo Penta engines are the best. 

The D16 is based on proven technologies that have undergone millions of hours of testing and real-world use. Its versatile performance delivery, response and highly efficient combustion have been proven in real-world applications to help customers reduce Volvo Penta diesel fuel consumption by up to 10%, when compared to the previous model. 

On top of its low fuel consumption, the D16’s reliable Exhaust Aftertreatment System (EATS) has been designed to use selective catalytic reduction technology only, removing the need for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The optimized EATS design ensures high uptime and low total cost of ownership. 

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Volvo Penta high performance and low fuel consumption engine

TWD1683VE Stage V

With its dual stage turbo system, the Volvo Penta D16 delivers high performance across the operational range, providing high torque at both low and high engine speeds. This enables the engine to meet the requirements of multiple applications, without operators having to compromise between performance and torque. For example, in mining, customers can benefit from both high power and high torque, leading to increased productivity. And in agriculture, where the requirement is often for high torque at low rpm, the D16 is optimized for being low fuel consumption engine

The D16’s dual turbo system is based on proven technology that has been used in Volvo Penta’s power generation engines for more than a decade. It’s the first of the company’s industrial versatile engines to be equipped with this technology. 

The dual turbo technology and efficient combustion system also help the engine to achieve industry leading performance at high altitude. At an altitude of 2,500m, the D16 delivers the same performance as it does at sea-level. 

Volvo Penta engine built to run in long-life

Built on the dependable in-line six cylinder design, the D16 has been developed to produce smooth operation with low noise levels. A durable, compact base engine that’s easy to install and applying generator maintenance schedule with the D16 is built to run. With easily accessible service points, the industrial engine is simple to maintain and now has an extended oil service interval from 500 to 1000 hours. 

The 16-liter D16 (TWD1683VE) diesel engine delivers 585 kW (796HP) of power and 3650 Nm (2692 lb/ft) peak torque at 1900 RPM. As well as meeting the Stage V and Tier 4F emission regulations, the new engine also complies with MSHA, CANMET, Reg 120, Reg 96 and RoHS2 requirements.

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