The Mecc Alte alternator C-Type series represents a completely new design approach, both internally and externally, bringing various advancements and benefits to customers when choosing Mecc Alte alternators. We have invested in research, working with the best organizations in the world in the field of power generation, to understand the challenges facing in achieving and maintaining an efficient, uninterrupted power supply. effective and reliable.

Now, Mecc Alte has improved a lot of the old series into a new look, and the Mecc Alte ECO40 C-type series is a newly announced series that replaces the Mecc Alte ECO40 4B. Here are the advantages of upgrading.

Mecc Alte upgrades & optimizes for ECO40 C type – Source: Mecc Alte

1. Changes to the advantage of the ECO40 C type series with capacities from 400kVA to 750kVA:

The Mecc Alte ECO40 C TTTT series has entered the pre-test phase in MASPA and is being tested by several main customers. As soon as the time to complete all stages is over, the list of orders with conversion to ECO40 C-type will be updated and applied globally. The product is CSA 22.2 certified by cULus, on top of the UL 1004 certification. CULus includes compliance criteria according to applicable rules, markings by UL and CSA.The commercials for this new series were released in January 2021; Accessory table has also been published on the website (Product Page)

2. The main conversions on the ECO40 C-type alternator:

Old design of Mecc Alte ECO40 B type


When compare with Mecc Alte ECO40 C type, the old design of the Mecc Alte ECO40 B type series, the design overview is in a closed framework, the keys are tightly welded to create rigidity and not flexible, showing strong in appearance but general model creates a weak point in the maintenance, servicing and inspection of the AVR as well as the inspection of the core copper wiring in the Mecc Alte generator.

Although the capacity and performance do not affect much, it affects a small part of the maintenance and inspection stages in the technician’s work, the opening and screwing operations take a lot of time. Even with long-term use, the smallest points are oxidized, making it difficult to open and close the inspection. More specifically, when performing maintenance, checking the AVR or the components in the player box will cause wear and tear of components, reduce protection as well as reduce the ability to stabilize the optimal maintenance performance of the device: Mecc Alte alternator.

Reference:  Wind generator

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New design of Mecc Alte ECO40 C type

mecc alte c type

  • New Mecc Alte permanent magnet alternator system, can be retrofitted at any time by option. New PMG system called PMG2C: assembly time has been significantly reduced compared to the previous PMG3 model
  • The PD500 parallel unit is available as an option with an accessory kit
  • The new design of the terminal block with new AVR access and improved air cooling makes it easier for users to connect the power cable.
  • New design of terminal board with reduced length and fast link reconnection
  • New foot (same flange-to-foot distance of previous type B makes the product mechanically interchangeable)
  • New design of rear and front mesh
  • New mold for B3B14 DE bracket with a molded dual foot
  • The 4th terminal board is available as an option: this can make a 12-pin connector board.
  • 12 wires can be reconnected.
  • New busbar on options
  • New CT Reconnect Kit
  • New VTs Reconnect Kit
  • Mecc Alte ECO40 B alternator heater are available on option also on ECO40 C type

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