The natural energy source is good to produce many power generator application such as using wind to generate electricity, from which wind generator is the term that was formed. This is a clean energy source that both creates economic value and ensures environmental safety, suitable for many uses. In the following article, TTTT and you will explore more about wind generator.

Types of wind generator: Horizontal & Vertical axis wind generator


A wind generator power is a device consisting of many internal components that converts the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity to serve the electricity consumption needs of the user, contributing to an additional economic source thanks to the energy source infinite.

By taking advantage of natural energy from the wind to generate electricity for use, it will partially reduce the power outage that occurs as often as today. At the same time reduce the burden of electricity generation for other types of power sources.

Vertical axis wind generator

The wind generator TTTT is a collection of many components, they support the generation of electricity base on the wind power, the parts include:


  • Anemometer: 
  • Blades: 
  • Wind generator charge controller
  • Brake: 
  • Gear box:
  • Wind alternator: 
  • High – speed shaft: 
  • Low – speed shaft: 
  • Nacelle: 
  • Pitch: 
  • Rotor: 
  • Tower:
  • Wind vane: 
  • Yaw drive: 
  • Yaw motor: 

Horizontal axis wind generator

Receiving maximum wind energy is the advantage of Horizontal Axis Wind Generators. Power generation efficiency is also outstandingly high. Along with easy installation and convenient maintenance.

Principle of wind generator alternator operation

Wind generator alternator have a relatively simple operating principle. In contrast to electric fans, which use electricity to generate wind, wind generators use wind to generate electricity.

Base on the wind power pushing two or three propellers to rotate around the rotor shaft, the shaft connects to the main shaft and generates drive, rotates the shaft and rotates the generator to generate electricity.

Wind turbines are designed to be placed on tall pillars to maximize wind energy, about 30m above the ground to receive the fastest and most stable wind.

Advantages and disadvantages of wind generator

Each generator line has its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for different use needs, for different efficiency. The wind generator line also has distinct advantages and disadvantages for customers to base on to decide on the correct choice for the necessary purposes and applications.

Advantages of wind generator

  • Wind generators generate electricity using very low costs. A machine that operates reliably for 20 years with negligible operating costs creates a stable, independent power source for a long time. Power from wind generators is used in all daily activities and basic production.
  • Environmentally friendly, wind is an infinite clean energy source that does not pollute the environment.
  • Easy to build and design, no need to elaborate.
  • Power from a mini wind generator system for home has a stable price. It is suitable for terrain areas where power transmission is difficult or the power grid is not stable.

Disadvantages of wind generator

  • Depending heavily on the weather, unstable and weak wind areas will reduce the capacity of the generator.
  • Initial installation costs are relatively high.
  • The place to install the wind generator needs to choose a place with a strong enough wind source, in a well-ventilated sea or high mountain area. Inland areas will face difficulties due to wind barriers that make them unstable.
  • Generate not much power.

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1kw, 3kw, 5kw wind generator are the most popular range

Wind generator 5kw

Ensuring the generation of suitable power for home use, the wind generator 5kw 220V wind generator ensures stable and economical daily-life electricity demand, without worrying about power outages.

Wind generator 3kw

Creating a relatively large electrical capacity, about wind generator 3kw, a household wind generator ensures the supply of electricity for all daily household needs in the family.

1kw wind generator

1kw wind generator is the most popular range because it creates an efficient source of electrical energy for the home. The 1kw wind generator suitable when the demand for electricity exceeds the threshold, the shortfall is immediately compensated by the battery.

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