– Volvo Penta brand is a famous for Diesel engine from Sweden and has more than 120 years on the market, which is the driving vehicles for road and water, industrial machine….TTTT Global would like to introduce the basic knowledge about systems maintenance on Volvo Penta engine.

2. The guide for maintenance includes the following:

      1) Cooling system: Check the cooling water level regularly after stopping the machine after operation time and adding coolant if necessary. Check the heat sink on the outside to remove dust. (You can visit the link to see details:
      2) Fuel system: Diesel oil will be contaminated after about 1 year. Fuel filters must be dried after a certain period of time to prevent moisture build up in the fuel tank. Check periodically and add course if necessary (You can visit the link for details:
       3) Lubrication system: The engine lubricating oil and oil filter should be checked and replaced periodically. (Please click on each item to see more details:
      4) Electric system: check the battery and charge it if necessary, because when the battery is weak, the engine will not start.
      5) Note: Do not use the machine for too long, should be turned on at least every 30 minutes every 3 months to help the engine lubricate and avoid oxidation at the contacts.

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