Below, we would like to show you step by step to maintain the lubrication system of Volvo Penta diesel engine such as:  Volvo Penta oil filter and engine oil

1) Volvo Penta Oil level, checking and topping up- Engine oil, change.


    – Dipstick is marked signs “Stop” and “Operating”, so we can check the oil level both operating and stopping engine on Volvo Penta oil filter TTTT.

    – The Volvo Penta oil level is compulsory inside marked area in dipstick. Don’t top up oil more than marked area.

    – Just top up oil when the engine stops.

    – Just use oil in “Oil Recommendation” on page 90 in Volvo’s operator’s manual.

    – Change engine oil after 600 operating hours or twelve months.

    – Connect the drain hose to the oil drain pump and pump old oil outside and then remove the drain hose and fill up with Volvo Penta engine oil.


Reference: Volvo Penta coolant

Reference: Volvo Penta fuel filter

2) Volvo Penta Oil Filter-Pass Filter, Change.

    1- Clean the oil filter bracket (2).

    2- Remove all the Volvo Penta engine oil filters with a suitable oil filter extractor (1).

    3- Clean the mating surface of the oil filter bracket. Make sure that no pieces of old oil seal are left behind. Carefully clean round the inside of the protective rim (2) on the oil filter bracket.

    4- Put a thin layer of engine oil on the seal rings of the new fuel filters.

    5- Install the new oil filters. Tighten the filters ¾–1 turn after they touch.

    6- Top up with Volvo Penta oil, start the engine and let it run for 20-30 seconds.

    7- Turn off the engine, check the oil level and top up as required.

    8- Check sealing round the oil filters.

Volvo-penta-filter 3

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