When using a diesel generator, the most important part to focus on is the generator diesel engine, this is a component that needs to consider many factors from brand, efficiency, fuel consumption, durability, resale value and spare parts.

All the factors listed above create the value of ownership for engine, Volvo generator engine is the best brand in terms of optimizing the cost of ownership today. To have the most overview of how to calculate, the following article, TTTT will learn with you.

1. Why is Total Cost of Ownership for Volvo generator engine so important?


Understanding the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an industrial diesel engine included generator diesel engine TTTT will help you make a better investment and buy a more reliable engine, but there are many factors that need to be considered. To help you better manage your TCO, Volvo Penta industrial engine has created a series of articles on the different ways you can get more out of your engine.

When calculating TCO, there are some obvious costs such as fuel consumption, servicing and maintenance. But there are also less obvious factors that can be overlooked, such as resale value, accessibility, reliability, durability, and spare parts availability. To have a complete TCO, you need to account for all costs – direct and indirect – from the initial purchase until it is scrapped or resold.

When calculating the total cost of ownership, there is also a tendency to focus on the direct costs that are visible and to ignore some of the indirect costs that can be found in the finer details. In general, the total cost of ownership includes:

  • Volvo Penta engine fuel consumption: This is obviously a very important parameter and can tell you a lot. For some applications and industries, fuel can account for more than 90% of an engine’s long-term cost. Getting a clear picture of diesel engine fuel system of different engines is often important. However, it is also important to take into account some of the less obvious costs, such as time and logistics. related to refueling. This will be explored in our upcoming article “The Hidden Cost of Fuel”.
  • Volvo Penta spare parts & service costs: Knowing service intervals for different engines not only helps you plan better service, but also compares them against each other. In addition to direct maintenance, Volvo generator parts, maintenance and repair costs, there are also transportation costs and distance to the dealer. This could have implications for machines in inaccessible locations, such as forests and mines.
  • Volvo Penta engine uptime and productivity: Incidents and downtime are expensive for any business, so sometimes paying more for a durable and reliable engine will save you money  much more in the long run. Using genuine parts and following Volvo Penta manuals often can be more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Volvo Penta engine initial purchase price and resale value: The difference between these two has a huge impact on your TCO. A premium product may not necessarily be more expensive if it can also be sold for a premium in the used engine market. Volvo Penta price might be higher than others for brand new engine but used Volvo Penta engine also much higher than other. This is why maintaining resale value is so important to improving TCO. Follow our series to learn how a happy engine is a cleaner, more efficient engine and that makes for a strong business.

2. How to calculate Total Cost of Ownership from Volvo Penta application software

VOLVO PENTA has researched and created TCO estimation software for its engines based on years of research experience. High precision parameters help support customers with the most optimal view when using. This software is provided for use by the Authorized Representative, and in Vietnam and Cambodia, TTTT Global Co., Ltd is acting as the Customer Support Representative.

When there is any need for generator selection as well as total cost of ownership from VOLVO PENTA engine or any generator or brand engine, customers can contact TTTT, We I will rely on my software and experience to analyze the best support for customers. Besides, TTTT has a team of engineers with many years of experience working with VOLVO PENTA, ensuring the engine is always maintained at the best stability and efficiency.

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