Permanent magnet are widely used in many fields of life. In particular in the field of industrial electricity, they play an important role to increase the stability of performance and voltage for the generator as well as increase the durability of the generator. Let’s learn about the structure and application characteristics of permanent magnet generator.

Permanent magnet generator using Mecc Alte PMG alternator – Source: Mecc Alte


PMG Mecc Alte alternator

What is permanent magnet?

All magnets have two poles, one called the north pole and the other called the south pole. The north and south poles always exist in a pair (there is no magnetic monopole in nature), so if one were to split a permanent magnet in half, two smaller magnets would be created, each with one north and south poles.

What is permanent magnet ? It made from “hard” ferromagnetic materials such as alcino and ferrite are specially made by a strong magnetic field during manufacture, making them very difficult to lose their magnetic force. While electromagnets have a strong magnetic force, an electric current must be passed through them to create a magnetic field. Permanent magnets are often made U  shaped to bring the two magnetic poles close together to create a strong magnetic field that can lift a heavy piece of iron.

On the other hand, the magnetic field storage capacity of the permanent magnet is quite large, so the coercive force also becomes very large, which helps the magnet to avoid demagnetization, caused by type of catalytic magnetic field originating from the outside. So it is not surprising that most of the common permanent magnets on the market today have coercive forces with strength levels ranging from a few thousand Oe to a few tens of thousands of Oe.

Applications of permanent magnet such as Permanent magnet alternator for wind turbine

+ Components in small engines, permanent magnet generator for wind turbine.

+ Sound system.

+ Office and educational products.

+ Interior design, home appliances.

+ Fashion design: bag, wallet, purse, briefcase.

+ Producing magnet filters to separate iron in industry.

+ Permanent magnet alternator


mecc alte exciter armature

This term is also known as a permanent magnet generator TTTT (PMG generator), which is composed of a permanent magnet alternator. Permanent magnet generators offer significant benefits over traditional generator systems. The physical advantage is reduced weight and length while the electronic advantage is the use of advanced technology designed to maximize the efficiency of the entire energy system. Below, TTTT will give some information about the permanent magnet generator of the Mecc Alte brand.


Fixed permanent magnet generator DC is designed for headlamp use, such as high efficiency LEDs, and have built-in rectifier bridges.

Definable fixed speed is selected according to the application and DC voltage levels can be adjusted to different operating requirements. The generator parameters are then adjusted according to the needs of the customer.

PMG systems offer several advantages over traditional AC systems:

  • Smaller size
  • Higher efficiency
  • Speeds other than synchronous speed can be selected to optimize engine power, fuel consumption and voltage output
  • High power density reduces weight (for both generator and engine)
  • Greater reliability of traditional excitation winding removal systems


For Mecc Alte permanent magnet alternator low rpm and high rpm, when used with variable speed cause both voltage and power as a function of engine speed

Using a speed load controller, the voltage can be kept within the load range.


  • The output voltage of PMG is stable in the load range
  • PMG full kW rated power available for use
  • Rated motor power can be optimized
  • Get more efficiency
  • Reduce the risk of high no-load voltage


The Mecc Alte permanent magnet generator AC have an EMC filter built into the single-phase inverter system. Very low harmonic distortion (<2%) and excellent waveform generation, ensuring safe operation of sensitive modern electronic equipment. Power density is increased by using reverse technology, where the traditional winding system and the central stator are replaced by an external rotor. This maximizes the potential of the magnets used. The inverter produces a pure sine wave suitable for the sensitivity of the electronic equipment and is supplied with an optional remote display panel. The inverter has several built-in protections, such as short circuit protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, and has an integrated service port and a CAN-enabled auxiliary connector.

The inverters are available in the “open version” (without the case) and the “box version”.
The open versions are suitable for direct mounting into motor and generator generator boxes.
Box versions are suitable when that is not possible or useful when there is a complete generator inside the box.
They are equipped with forced ventilation to ensure board cooling.
The outputs of two inverters can be connected in parallel (via an external sync cable) for dual power supply.

Reference: Mecc Alte dsr

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  • The Speed Load Control Mecc Alte Engine Controller (MEC) 12-75 VDC quickly and accurately adjusts engine speed, controlling the generators electrical load by controlling generator voltage, not actual speed.
  • This variable speed operation results in reduced noise, significantly reduces fuel consumption and increases engine life.
  • The MEC 12-75 VDC, when connected to a proportional actuator and supplied with voltage signal from a DC generator, uses DC voltage to control speed instead of actual engine speed.
  • It supports a wide variety of small engines.
  • The MEC 12-75 VDC governor is easily paired with GAC ALN-, ALR-, or 120-Series actuators and supports both 12 and 24 V DC.

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