Currently, customers often wonder and confuse the Volvo origin country and brand of engines, they do not fully understand and understand which country’s Volvo diesel engine brand or where Volvo Penta is manufactured in the world. . Through the article below, TTTT will learn with customers in detail about the above Volvo Penta Sweden history.

Volvo origin country and Volvo Penta Sweden introduction

Volvo Penta is a corporation with more than 100 years of experience in the production of diesel engines used for heavy industry such as: generators, fire pumps, excavators, bulldozers, forklifts,… Through the picture above, you can see which Volvo origin country TTTT. Yes, Volvo Penta is a famous brand in the world from Sweden, Volvo Penta headquarters is in Gothenburg.

Volvo Penta Sweden is divided into many regions around the world, which can be named as China, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Europe, and Oceania,… each region is designated in charge by the regional director and related departments. Vietnam belongs to Southeast Asia and is managed by Volvo Penta Singapore.

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Volvo Penta’s global dealer network spans over 130 countries and around 3,500 dedicated dealers are always ready to assist you. We have warehouses around the world to ensure availability, and with a global parts distribution network we can guarantee you the right parts, in the right place, at the right time.

As part Volvo Penta distributor, TTTT Global shares its engine distribution network in the Vietnam region. We provide reliable replacement, maintenance, spare parts servicing, and logistics to ensure that you get the parts you need.

Core Values of Volvo Penta history

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Quality and standards achieved by Volvo Penta

In all aspects of Volvo Penta history and Volvo Penta’s corporate business, from product development and production to delivery and customer support, we focus on quality and professionally meeting customer needs. possible. Regarding international standards, since 2008, we have been certified to ISO 9001.

Safety in the working process of employees

For the Volvo Penta group, people and their safety are at the heart of everything. We work tirelessly to ensure that our processes and products meet the highest possible standards on land and at sea.

The most environmentally friendly product

We are committed to reducing the impact on the environment with our solutions by implementing advanced manufacturing technology into the engine to make it the safest engine for the environment. All of our functions and manufacturing facilities are ISO 14001 certified.

Constantly growing strategically

At Volvo Penta, we are fully dedicated to the development of new power solutions. We do not use fossil fuels, or fuel cells, we use alternative fuels and the process of generating energy from engines. We work closely with our customers and leverage the proven knowledge and technology of the entire Volvo Penta Group – to move towards a future that reaches new heights.

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