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Huutoan alternator TTTT is researched and manufactured by Huutoan Group Co., Ltd., which has a factory in Vietnam. With more than 40 years of experience, Huutoan is one of the largest generator manufacturers in Vietnam. This has been proven through a long period of operation and development of more than 150 agents, exporting products to 30 international customers.

Huu Toan alternator has a cheaper price than Mecc Alte alternator, relatively good quality, in terms of design with sturdy hardware. Huu Toan has researched and accumulated many years of experience from good achievements in the world in the production process. It can be said that Huu Toan dinamo can meet the needs of many appications in Vietnam.

As a leading company in advanced alternator production technology and always ensuring environmental protection, Huu Toan has obtained many standard certificates for production and acceptance, including: : ISO9001, ISO14001,…Make sure all products before distribution are the best products.

Huu Toan focuses on developing a power range from 2kW to 30kW for its alternator line, each capacity is meticulously processed and completed by highly skilled and long-term engineers. Currently, in Vietnam, Huu Toan dynamo has relatively good coverage in all regions, including abroad such as: Japan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Panama, Indo, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia… Success steps and growth potential.

In addition to the products of alternators used for onshore machines, Huutoan has now researched and developed hydroelectric dynamo, with optimal protection alternator with sea environment. Hydropower dynamo fully meet the criteria of quality and durability, contributing to supporting the daily life and business activities of customers with long-term use at sea.

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When choosing to use a product, we always focus on brand quality, price and product warranty. Huu Toan alternator will bring satisfaction to customers with the best experience, along with the after-sales regime applied, here are some core information for customers when using the product.


  • Has more than 40 years of experience in the industrial electrical field.
  • Quality generator, applying advanced technology in the world, high efficiency, stability, meeting ISO industry equipment manufacturing standards.
  • Warranty period: 1 year.
  • Manufactured from durable, long-lasting materials.
  • Huu Toan generator is suitable and popular with the majority of Vietnamese people’s needs.
  • Good, competitive prices, easy to use and repair products, there are many stations for maintenance.



List alternator model using Capacitor:

HuuToan ModelPrimeStandbyPhase
AVN 2.8S2.5 kVA2.8 kVA1
AVN 4.0S4 kVA4 kVA1
AVN 6.5S6 kVA6.5 kVA1
AVN 9.0S8.3 kVA9 kVA1
AVN 9.0T10.4 kVA11.3 kVA3
AVN 12.5S11.3 kVA12.5 kVA1
AVN 12.5T14 kVA15.5 kVA3
AVN 16.0S14.5 kVA16 kVA1
AVN 16.0T18 kVA20 kVA3

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List alternator model using auto voltage regulator AVR:

HuuToan ModelPrimeStandbyPhase
AVN 20S18.2 kVA20 kVA1
AVN 20T22.7 kVA25 kVA3
AVN 25T28 kVA31 kVA3
AVN 30T34 kVA37.5 kVA3

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HuuToan ModelPrimeStandbyPhase
AVN 2.8SM2.5 kVA2.8 kVA1
AVN 4.0SM4 kVA4 kVA1
AVN 6.5SM6 kVA6.5 kVA1
AVN 9.0SM8.3 kVA9 kVA1
AVN 12.5SM11.3 kVA12.5 kVA1
AVN 16.0SM14.5 kVA16 kVA1

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Price list of Huu Toan Alternator for customers

✅ AVN 2.8S329
✅ AVN 4.0S361
✅ AVN 6.5S451
✅ AVN6.5TContact to TTTT
✅ AVN 9.0S508
✅ AVN 9.0T520
✅ AVN 12.5S637
✅ AVN12.5T661
✅ AVN16.0S683
✅ AVN16.0T689
✅ AVN20S961
✅ AVN20TContact to TTTT
✅ AVN25TContact to TTTT
✅ AVN30TContact to TTTT
✅ AVN2.8SM354
✅ AVN4.0SM390
✅  AVN6.5SM489
✅  AVN9.0SM551
✅  AVN12.5SM694
✅ AVN16.0SM744


In Vietnam, Huutoan has a total of 6 warranty stations: Hanoi, Binh Duong, Da Nang, Can Tho, Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc that are always operating throughout to ensure the fastest support for customers. In addition, these warranty stations are stocked with genuine replacement parts for regular maintenance and servicing.

Another core factor forming the success and popularity of Huutoan alternator is that the company has a team of highly experienced and dedicated technicians who are always ready to serve customers in periodic inspection and instructions for operation or replacement of spare parts, ensuring that the transmitter is always in the best condition during use.


The following are common applications of industrial generators using Huu Toan dynamo:

  • Producing uninterruptible generators, backup generators for households or businesses, restaurants, hospitals, telecommunications stations,… on a small scale.
  • Agriculture: Cultivating, exploiting crops, shifting cultivation…
  • Fisheries: Catching seafood,…

In each area of application, Dinamo Huutoan has carried out research and development of suitable products for many years, ensuring outstanding efficiency, peace of mind and safety as well as providing a long-term experience with the product.


As one of Huu Toan’s key products, the dinamo set is a very useful product for many different industries, especially agriculture and fishery. The product structure includes stator and rotor, pure copper wire, shell, mechanical parts and brush set.

Products are 100% manufactured in Vietnam, durable operation, stable voltage, pure copper wire. The advantages of the product can be explained in detail as follows:

  • Stator and Rotor:

The stator and rotor are made of steel, electrical engineering with low magnetic loss, and coated with insulating varnish according to marine standards.

  • Pure copper wire:

Made of 100% pure copper coated with two layers of EI/AIW insulating enamel with heat resistance up to 220 degrees Celsius, helping to improve power efficiency and quality.

  • The housing of the dinamo set:

The shell is constructed of extremely compact steel, electrostatically painted to bring durability and create high aesthetics.

  • Mechanical details:

Mechanical parts are automatically processed by CNC lathe and milling machines to create components with high uniformity and accuracy.

  • Brush set:

The main set of brushes used is an alloy carbon with a high co-phase ratio, fast excitation, reduced heat generation, low loss and wear.


  • Smart, innovative design. Easy to disassemble, maintain and maintain but still ensure long-term durability and features.
  • AVR voltage regulator circuit automatically stabilizes power supply and power quality
  • CB is safe to use: the device switches in case of overload, short circuit in order to prevent fire and explosion and to protect the user’s safety.
  • Endurance defies time.
  • Products meet international standards: highly focused on R&D department with more than 30 experienced engineers. They are key personnel with more than 10 years of experience and expertise, always updating their knowledge, the most advanced and optimal technology in the world to apply to products.
  • Factory meeting international standards: Huu Toan generator factory has the largest scale in Vietnam, is managed according to ISO 9001: 2008  certified by UKAS organization.
  • Choosing a reliable input partner: To have a quality product, Huu Toan is always strict in choosing a supplier of input materials to make up the product. From engines, generators to the smallest materials like
  • Even details such as bolts and nuts, we are committed to only cooperating with qualified and reputable manufacturers in the world.

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