Currently, saving and the environment is a matter of great concern and direction. Therefore, in order to catch the current trend, the electric energy industry has launched a hybrid system for solar with battery to help meet the above needs and aim for the future benefits of using long-term electric energy.

General introduction of hybrid system

The hybrid system aims to optimize the operating time of the generator to help save fuel when operating and reduce emissions and noise from the generator.

Hệ thống hybrid là gì và ứng dụng của bộ điều khiển Sices HS315

The hybrid system TTTT has the principle of operation based on excess electricity from the operation of generators or renewable sources to put that excess power into the reserve battery system and the reserve battery system. will operate independently or in parallel with the generator in many different cases.

The hybrid system is divided into the following main stages:

  • When the load is low, the generator will stop working, instead the battery system will be a source to replace the generator to supply the load along with other auxiliary sources.
  • When the load is average, the generator will be started and provide power for the load, the excess power of the generator will be charged to the battery system to store electrical energy for use in other cases. other.
  • When the load is high, the generator will work in tandem with the storage battery system to jointly supply power to the load.
  • When the battery is full, the generator will stop working and the battery system will supply energy to the load until a certain remaining energy threshold, the generator will work again to supply the load and charge. electrical energy back to the battery system.

What are structure and functions of hybrid solar power system with battery ?

The solar power hybrid system is somewhat similar to the conventional hybrid system, but with the addition of a solar energy source to reduce the power of the generator and bring many benefits to the entire energy system. amount of electricity. The system consists of the following main parts:

hệ thống hybrid Mecc Alte

The hybrid solar system with battery operates in the following stages:

If the battery system is not full

  • When the load is low, the generator will stop working, the solar power system will supply the load and charge the battery system to store the excess energy when supplying the load.
  • When the load is average, the generator will turn on if the solar power system does not have enough capacity to supply the load, and if it is enough, the generator will still stop working, the excess energy will be charged to the battery system.
  • When the load is high, the generator and solar power will supply the load, the excess energy will be charged to the battery system, if the generator and solar power are not enough to supply the load, the the battery system will operate and provide more power to the load.

If the battery system is full

  • When load is low and load is medium: The battery system will provide power when solar power is not enough.
  • When the load is high: The battery and solar system will supply the load if there is not enough power to operate the generator.

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What are Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid solar system ?

Energy industry has been developing a lot in current and it shows many advantages of technique applied to save energy. Beside, it still remains many disadvantages, which will be showed below:

Solar Hybrid Mecc Alte

Advantages of the hybrid system

  • Optimize generator uptime.
  • Save fuel for the operation.
  • Increase generator life.
  • Reduce operating, maintenance and repair costs.
  • Reduce emissions to the environment.
  • Reduce the noise caused when the system is operating.

Disadvantages of hybrid system

  • Solar system investment costs are high.
  • Requires technical operation.
  • Many devices require a large installation area.

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