What is residential electricity ? This is the question most people learn and pay attention to in the fields of electricity. So today TTTT Global will learn with you about what is civil electricity and basic information about current civil electricity. In particular, will learn more about residential electricity prices in 2022.

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What is residential electricity ?

What is civil electricity TTTT ? Civil electricity is a general term in the electricity industry specializing in repairing, manufacturing, installing, operating and designing electrical works, equipment, and technology for household projects and household appliances. scale from small to large. Usually civil electricity is often in residential buildings, companies, factories, rural areas, etc.

For civil electricity in terms of design, installation, repair and operation, it will usually be at 220V and use 1-phase electricity. However, when used for large enterprises and households, there are cases where it can be used at a voltage of 380V and using 3-phase electricity.

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Basic information to know about residential electricity

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Common civil electrical appliances

There are many common household electrical appliances and here are the main devices commonly used in the current electrical system:

  • Power distribution devices: transformers, conductors, cables, etc. Responsible for transforming and transmitting electricity in the power system.
  • Electrical switchgear: Circuit breakers, Aptomat, fuses, etc. Main responsible for manual or automatic switching of electrical circuits.
  • Protective devices: Responsible for protecting the circuit from external and internal influences that have adverse consequences on the circuit.
  • Power consuming devices: TVs, machines, air conditioners,  generator charger, etc. These are devices that consume and use electricity in the electrical system.

Works of civil electricity

The work of civil engineers or electricians is often assessed as having the following main tasks: Electrical system design, electrical system installation, electrical system operation, electrical system maintenance and system repair electricity. The above works must ensure that:

  • Design electrical systems to ensure the requirements set forth with low cost and high aesthetics.
  • Install electrical systems in accordance with requirements and drawings.
  • Operating the power system is always operating in the best and most stable state.
  • Maintain electrical systems regularly on schedule and report electrical system problems.
  • Repair the electrical system when encountering problems or problems that adversely affect the current and future electrical systems.

Conditions to work in the civil electrical industry

Engineers or electricians in the field of civil electricity often have to work in dangerous and high-intensity environments, so they need to:

  • Work meticulously and carefully in an electrical environment.
  • Work in harsh, outdoor environments.
  • Working location changes according to customer requirements.
  • Flexible working hours depending on the current power system.
  • Work in hazardous areas.

The role of civil electricity

  • In order to be able to function well in constructions and houses, civil electricity is an indispensable industry today. And the industrial electricity industry is a very important industry that contributes to human life, activities and labor.
  • Electricity plays an important role in the activities and life operation of almost all industries, so it plays a key role in today’s industries.
  • It is a profession that is being brought into the mainstream in the current industrialization and modernization period and contributes to building an advanced country.

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