The electronics industry is a very promising industry today, most of the industries and machinery activities have electronic devices and that is the direction of industrialization and modernization worldwide. Thus, the electricity – electronics industry also has a great demand today, with every company and enterprise needing at least engineers and technicians in the electrical – electronics industry to operate, produce and operate the business.

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Basic information about current electronics industry

Nowadays, electricity plays an important role in daily life and activities. Without electricity, production will stop, activities will be limited and trade will be difficult. However, electricity is divided into many different jobs, so the electricity industry is also divided into many different industries such as industrial electricity, refrigeration, electronics TTTT , …. But now it industry is the most developing trend today.

It industry is a growing trend, so a lot of people are interested and learn, but electronics is a very wide array, so there are many different parts to easily control the work. It industry is often divided into many different jobs to handle different categories of many fields.

Basic information about current electricity – electronics industry

Electricity – electromagnetism is a field of study in universities today, this discipline specializes in creating engineers specializing in the electrical industry in the directions of industrial electricity, automatic electricity and electromagnetism. This major is often trained in general electrical knowledge in the first years and specializes in the final years to help students find the right direction for their future profession.

Electricity industry

The electrical industry is often divided into two main specialties: industrial electricity and dynamic electronics. In which industrial electricity specializes in large machinery equipment in factories, designing civil and industrial electrical systems for enterprises and enterprises. And automatic electricity is usually automatic machinery and equipment and engineers will design and monitor those systems in the most optimal way.

Electronics industry

The electronics industry now includes a part of electronics and telecommunications. The automation industry has a part in designing and manufacturing automatic systems and equipment, so you must have knowledge of electronics to be able to develop more in terms of system design and control. It and telecommunications specializes in the operation, design and transmission of signals and sophisticated boards, this industry is the trend of it industry, so it is very interested and developed.

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The role and achievements of the electronics engineering industry

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The electronics industry is currently being developed with a high proportion of the total industry, the equipment includes electronic components such as circuit boards, headsets, computers, electrical equipment, lighting equipment, etc. Generator controller… and the trend is increasing every year. The electronics engineering industry is being exported to over 100 markets around the world and is favored by many countries.

The main achievements of the industry are electronic boards, current new technologies meet the needs of the new era, new technologies applied in 4.0 technology solutions for the purposes of process automation, minimizing the impact human activities, optimizing management and monitoring and optimizing human resources to spend.

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