Currently, we often use common lighting such as fluorescent lamps, LED lights, but the first light bulb that must be invented is an incandescent lamp. Incandescent lamps were very popular in the early days of electric lamps and had many distinctive features. So today we will learn about the components of an incandescent lamp, including how many parts? And the characteristics of incandescent lamps.

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How many parts does an incandescent lamp consist of ?

What is an incandescent lamp?

Incandescent lamp, also known as filament lamp, is a type of light bulb used for lighting when heated. In a filament light bulb, the most important part is the filament, which is used to emit light by omitting transparent glass. The glow filament is externally protected by a layer of transparent or translucent glass to draw out all the air and inject inert gases.

However, nowadays, filament bulbs are no longer used much because they consume too much energy and do not bring value to the amount of energy spent, in addition, the amount of energy converted into electricity causes heat and easy to use. Breaking the filament is costly and not very durable for the filament bulb.

The structure of an incandescent lamp consists of how many parts?

The components of an incandescent lamp TTTT? Incandescent lamp consists of 3 main parts: filament, glass bulb and lamp tail.

Incandescent: Incandescent is made of tungsten, which is a highly heat-resistant substance and is the main part for luminescence, converting electricity into light energy, but also converting part of that electrical energy into heat.

Glass bulb: Glass bulb is made of heat-resistant glass used to protect incandescent lamps and create the best operating environment for incandescent lamps.

Lamp tail: The tail of the lamp is made of copper or zinc coated iron, attached to the glass bulb and has the function of connecting to the electrical network to alternator provide electrical energy for the lamp to operate.

What are the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of incandescent lamps?

What are the characteristics of incandescent lamps?

The characteristics of incandescent lamps are that they can emit light continuously without causing eye fatigue, low luminescence efficiency, low average life, and there are two main types of incandescent lamps: inert gas incandescent lamps and halogen gas incandescent lamps. .

Inert gas incandescent lamps have a large bulb and include two types: ordinary incandescent lamps with 3 main parts as above and those with an additional reflector layer coated around the bulb.

Halogen incandescent lamp has a small bulb and large capacity: this type of lamp is added to a non-inert halogen gas to overcome the weakness of the incandescent lamp when used for a long time and increase the life of the lamp. incandescent.

What are the advantages of incandescent lamps ?

What are the advantages of incandescent lamps? The advantages of incandescent lamps include:

Absolute color rendering 100.

Low cost compared to other bulbs.

Easy to use and has various special applications.

Can be used for many different lighting purposes.

What are the disadvantages of incandescent lamps?

What are the disadvantages of incandescent lamps? Disadvantages of incandescent lamps include:

  • Consumes a lot of power but low efficiency.
  • The ability to emit high heat affects the surrounding environment.
  • Lighting is less effective in cold environments.
  • Low lifespan.
  • When glowing, it emits CO2 and UV rays.
  • Only for lighting in small and medium spaces.

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Working principle of incandescent lamp

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Working principle of incandescent lamp and luminous efficiency of incandescent lamp

The working principle of the incandescent lamp, when the current supplied from the lamp tail is supplied to the filament inside the bulb, it is converted into light energy by heating the filament to produce light energy, but when heated The hair also generates a certain amount of heat energy that is released into the environment. Glass bulbs can be coated with many colors for the purpose of emitting bright colors and protecting the bulb.

The luminous efficiency of the incandescent lamp is the biggest weakness of the incandescent lamp, the efficiency of the incandescent lamp is very low, the lowest among the electric light bulbs used today, so because of its efficiency, very few people use it. incandescent bulbs instead of more efficient bulbs.

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